Knitting Resolutions into Life’s Pattern


In looking back on a life lived I am attempting to find the core thread that is the center to my being.  Perhaps it is not a single thread at all, but a knot of multicolored strings.  Time will tell as each day of exploration unfolds.

A blog is a true singing of the ego. "look at me, see me, I am significant in the order of the world."  It is a tangible way to justify that we exist and that our existence matters.  For me, it is mainly a way in which to use modern communication tools to give witness to my journey to find deeper meaning and understanding of this existence here on planet earth.  

I have never been one for resolutions, but this year finds me in a different frame of mind.  Life is nothing if not full of stages we pass though to deeper meaning and understanding. My resolutions are grounded in the quest for deeper meaning.  And I simply love list making and seeing those items checked off as they are completed gives me no end of satisfaction.

THE CHALLENGE (after all aren't resolutions really just challenges to improve ourselves and lives):

  • Since reading about a couple who vowed to stop spending money for a year, I have toyed with the idea.  Well this year I will put it into practice.  This will be really difficult for me and I think will teach me great lessons!
  • Make gifts throughout the year so that when Birthdays and Holidays roll around I am prepared.  Now this will include a small amount of spending as I will need to buy necessary materials (but the challenge is in only buying necessary and using what I have).
  • Get back on my bike!!!!
  • Regain my spirituality.
  • Eliminate negativity and channel positive energy.
  • Find a need in my community and volunteer.
  • Remain open to God's grace, mercy, and love.  Embrace life!

Pretty good list and a great deal of challenge.  


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