Meditations on a Flat Tire…


Awoke this morning full of hope and looking forward to a visit from Christina and the grands from Portland.  But alas with the weather it was not to be.  Thick with disappointment I prepared to head to the library when I discovered my back tire was completely flat.  Now these are those small irritations in life that often can make us feel like the universe is conspiring against us.  A quick call to Schwabs and the discovery that for them to respond to one short mile out of town to add air came with a $90 charge.  The old me would have had a breakdown of tears, but today I just got out the bike pump and inflated that damn tire myself.  A trip to Schwabs and the tire was fixed with no charge.  As I was driving home I thought about how I could have viewed this event as just one more casualty in my already overburdened life/budget.  But instead of thinking that the universe had conspired against me, I allowed the spirit of grace and gratitude to rule my emotions.  How much happier my day has been.  I still feel great disappointment at missing my grands, but this storm will pass and we will be together.   


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