Special Blessings Come in Every Size…..


Due to the blessing of playing hostess to the above tousled angel, I have not had a chance to sit long enough to type a word.  It is lovely to have a wee one under foot for a week.  Of course, we have been spending our days hanging out at Erica's with my five other angel grands.  Oh what splendid times those cousins are having, and Erica and I are able to get in a great deal of stitching and knitting besides.  

Does it sometimes seem that when we make resolutions to make changes that we are immediately challenged above and beyond?  Well one day into my New Year, the year of no spending, and kerpluk goes my television.  My first thought was that I would just repair it and went to my computer to trouble shoot the problem which I discovered is the convergence.  While I will call and discuss this with a repair man on Monday, the set is old and if it has given up the ghost….well so be it.  I enjoy movies and have a steady supply from Netflix, but it is not a necessity but rather an occasional means of escapist entertainment. So, Netflix is on hold until the year is out or providence decides to rain down TV's in my neck of the woods……stranger things have happened.

With Isabel keeping me company and playing in my scraps, I made this today.  Pretty cute and the first jump on my year of home made gifts.

 Here is Erica's version of the bag.

  And here is a work in progress of some sweet little fairies spreading magic…..


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