Breaking Threads

 Boy has it been a tough last couple of days.  This year is certainly not off to a good start!  Let's just suffice it to say that things are not turning out quite as I had planned and the rope is quickly unraveling.  But life goes on and these tough times are what refine us and make us stronger.  I am learning to just let go and trust in God.  Letting go is very difficult for me.  I am grateful for my dear friends and family who love me and stand beside me with care and understanding.  

Working on those resolutions.  Am an official volunteer now at the Human Society.  My first day was Wednesday and I think they confused volunteer with slave as I was exhausted after three hours.  An elder gent who is on the board was so delighted to have a volunteer that he kept me going steady.  He has a myriad of "projects" and it appears I am elected to carry them out.  Well this will replace my need for the gym on those days.  Appears I am currently the solitary unpaid volunteer.  But I will enjoy it and look forward to Saturday.  

The well is empty and until it is filled again nothing inside to write.


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