Time out for boxing and babies….

Life is nothing if not full of change and surprises around every turn.  The past month has brought me a new job in a new location.  I have been busy boxing up and preparing to downsize as I move to a darling cottage in Walla Walla.  But first as stop over in Portland for this…


Welcome Elizabeth Marie!  Little Elizabeth came into the world on February 10th and I am fortunate enough to be here with my daughter to welcome E into the world.  I have been staying at the hospital with Christina and helping with baby E.  Not a bad set-up as I have this beautiful view out the window…


and plenty of time to work on knitting.  Added bonus is Portland is home to E's 3 siblings and cousin so that gives me the opportunity to spread grandma love to 5 grand angels!

However, even with all this love I still miss……

 The girls!

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