Blissfully Living

My family has always accused me of being obsessive.  However, I like to think of myself as passionate; a much nicer verb to describe my nature.  Whatever the word, my emotions about things are rarely neutral, I emote feelings deeply, passionately, and well OK perhaps just a bit obsessively.  

Which brings us to the bike, Blue Bliss to be exact.  A beautiful blue Giant, the giver of bliss.  She was Christened "Blue Bliss" immediately after my first ride and it was love at first stroke of the pedal.  In my former life BD (before divorce) I was an avid cyclist (notice the use of the nice word avid).  Cycling kept me sane and grounded.  Passionate people need to be kept grounded.  But life and death interfered and poor Bliss only got taken out occasionally.  

Today I pulled Blue from the garage and once again climbed into the saddle.  Oh the bliss once again of feeling the wind in my hair.  There is something primal about cycling that takes you deep inside and back to your basest nature.  On the bike I can truly think clearly and life manages to iron itself out.  Bliss is still covered in her winter mud as that was the last time she was rode.  But she is a forgiving soul and still rewarded me with deep pleasure.  Out we went, past the rows of houses, through wheat fields just beginning to turn golden, around fields of grapes just beginning to bear fruit, the Blue Mountain's in the distance holding up cotton candy clouds.  Against this backdrop I pondered why I stopped engaging in something that brings me such deep joy and pleasure.  My excuse has been shortage of time, but that is not really reality.  I find time for so many other things that do not bring this type of bliss.  But that is another blog subject altogether.  For today I am basking in the glow of a love affair.  See you again tomorrow Bliss.

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