Making Memories…..

Much to my delight I have inherited two additional grandchildren for a month.  Trinity and Kamihle have joined Becca and Bella as temporary residents in my home.  This means I will be one busy Grandma.  Week-ends usually add Erica with Jayse, Violet, and Jackson in tow.  That makes for one small house bursting at the seams and oh what chaos. 

The house is a jumble of never ending toys, books, clothes, and assorted jetsom and flotsom that must be navigated around. Difficult for one who likes things neat and tidy.   But these present times are what will make up memories for the grandkids of time with Grandma.  It is important to me that those memories are ones that will be cherished as they grow up and out of the nest. 

The gurlz are in heaven with all this company, and Trin and Mils have taken it upon themselves to become obedience trainers.  Not sure who is training who…


But they are all having a grand time.  Happiness and contentment, only thing missing is four additional special blessings tucked away in Portland.  But I am working on that!!


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