I have this thing about buying toys, I love them.  Now I am not talking new, although I like that too, but when scouting charity shops and yard sales I always head straight for the toys.  My children don't understand, but my grands love this quirk of mine.  So imagine my delight when I hit my fav charity shop and found an original Betsy McCall.  There she sat all alone on the shelf.  I nearly overlooked her she was stuffed so far back.  I just had to bring her home.  I still have my original Betsy so now she has a sister.  What amazed me was the price of 29 cents!!!  In searching for some patterns for her online (yes she needs a new wardrobe) I found she was going for $200 to $300 in played with condition.  But my Betsy is staying home with me.  Here she is with the other treasues I found:


Isn't that just the sweetest face ever?  Such treasured memories she unleashes.  Now if I could only find a Chatty Cathy as mine is only a memory.

Aside from toys, I also have a real love for the craft, knitting, sewing, fabric designs coming out of the UK and Australian.  I had been lusting, yes actually lusting, over some of the Aussie designers books and could not find any US sources until I stumbled upon Daisy Cottage Quilting http://daisycottagequilting.com/.  Sharon has an online shop and specializes in all things Aussie plus her customer service is exceptional!!  Here is my first order:

 All that Aussie goodness just waiting for me to unleash my creative energy upon it!

I also found the first two issue of Mollie Makes, the new UK craft magazine that is a delicious.  Notice the freebie kits with each issue….love how Brit mags do that.

Sharon actually tracked down the first issue for me and sent it along with my order.  How sweet is that!? 

Now to just find enough time outside work to begin some of these lovely projects.




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