I love getting my hair cut..love it.  So why is it that I leave it until the only option I have for styling is a pony tail?  One of those things that just seems to always end up at the bottom of my priority list.  But finally, finally dumped the frump and got the do…..the feather do.  Notice that sweet pink feather peeking out.  Now I am not usually a fad chaser, but the pink feather….just had to have it.


On the heels of the cut two sweet grands came to visit and well you can guess…they wanted feathers too.  They chose pink and red and their talented momma and auntie did the job.

How much cuteness is that?  They also opted for a long lock to match the feather.  Glamour girls for sure!

On the creative front, I had made cross stitch pillows for my parents ages ago.  My mom returned the pillows to me a few months back.  They have so much sentimental value and I wanted to display them in my own home.  Here is how I did just that.


Don't mind the glare.  Isn't it just amazing what you can do with inexpensive frames and a bit of ingenuity.  These now hang on my wall near the picture of my parents.  My heart sighs when I look at them.

I also added another sweetness to my decor.  I have the cutest neighbors ever.  I live in a darling development that was once used as retirement homes.  On both sides I have the sweetest old dears.  One happens to also be a very talented and gifted china painter.  I mean like in the Prince of Wales has one of her pieces and she has designed for those Franklin Mint companies.  Talent does not begin to describe Carolyn.  The other day she dropped by to bring me a "little something" she had made for me.  Isn't this just too wonderful? 

Notice the detail.  I had admired one like this she had hanging in her home.  Now one has a place of honor in mine too.

I did get out thrifting over the week end.  But no pics as most of the thrifting was a huge ginormous haul of like new clothes for the grands.  Just in time for back to school.  Don't you just love it when that happens!  I did manage to snag some yarn, a nice plump cushion for the couch, quality flannel sheets (king set for $5..woot woot), assorted jewelry (I am a sucker for jewelry…yeah and toys) and a dress jacket.

Next up is the birthday post where all the grands but one were in attendance.  Fun times! 


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