Some  years back when I was facing a difficult time in my life I discovered Julia Cameron's wonderful books on living a creative life.  Instantly I was in love with her methodology and have used it since. It is quite simple and focuses on what she terms as morning pages: three hand written pages every morning right out of bed and right off the top of your head.  Sounds too simple, I know, but it works.  Occassionally my life gets off track and my well dries up and returning to my morning pages nearly instantly restores me.  I am a morning person and this with my cuppa makes for a beautiful way to begin my day.

My favorite spot of late is out back.  While the gurlz romp and play I can write and then do a small bit of reading. 


Recently I discovered her small book of blessings.  Beautifully written and so powerful in their simplicity.  Along with the morning pages I have incorporated Sarah Ban Breathnach's principle of the power of a life gratefully lived.  Each day in my journal I list 5 things I am grateful for.  These simple daily practices have enriched my life and, I believe, enlarged my capacity for goodness and good things to flow to and through me.  They also keep me centered.  Occasionally (sometimes too often) I let life crowd out this practice and find myself off track.  I suppose you could say this is my method of prayer as my pages are always directed to God and gratitude flows to Him as well. 

What do you do to keep yourself centered and the creative spirit alive? 

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