I love Saturdays!!  In the spring and summer they mean YARD SALE!!  Another wonderful morning on the yard sale trail with Becca.  Went out with $30 and came back with a haul.  Here are a few of my treasures:

Love the wooden bowl of hearts and had to talk Becca out of it.  The wire greenery will make a nice accent on my entry wall.  The wine bottle puzzle was just because it looked fun. 


I am a sucker for holiday decor.  My mom would love this!!  And check out these adorable Halloween cup rings…too cute!!

The vegetable people are adorable.  I already had the pea but now he has friends.  They are perfect perched upon my microwave. 

With 11 grandchildren I am always on the look out for like new clothing and today I made a haul.  Shirts, pants, sweatshirts, many with tags still on them.  I ended up with 20 pieces for only $15.  My kids appreciate my thrifting when I save them big dollars on keeping the kids in clothes!  I also found three like new sweaters for myself.  The thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of a great find, LOVE. IT!  However, notice no toys this week end….what is up with that?  Not a good toy in sight, but I did score some yarn.

With a totally blank afternoon upon me I decided to dig into my sewing room and play.  A few weeks back I was lucky enough to chance upon the yard sale of a person dumping most of their scrapbooking/journaling supplies.  And for pennies (always amazed at what I can get for .25).  Anyway I have been wanting to transform my morning journal.  I mean how inspiring is a black composition book?  My inspiration for this particular project was from a page in the latest issue of Country Living.  I ripped it right out and built my journal around it. 

I kept it pretty simple as I use this journal daily and needed it to stand up to daily abuse.  Took me about 15 minutes.  I think this would be a great craft project for the grands!  Simple yet the possibilities are endless.  I have a basket filled with buttons, ribbon, embellishments, sayings on cute backgrounds, paper, all sorts of bits and bobs just waiting to incite the creative spirit!! 


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