A Season of Work…

Life is a journey and within that journey are myriad seasons.  This is my season for work.  I embrace it gladly as many are not so fortunate to have meaningful and rewarding work.  For that I am grateful.  But it does have its challenges and often requires me putting my own desires for personal time and engagements on hold.  But it is all good…as they say.  

Even in that busy schedule I still find time to play.  This week brought book club, knitting group, Chamber events (yes they are play not work), and lunch dates.  I did skip yard sales this week end as with a week already so packed, I needed a day to just regroup and re-energize.  That meant casting on a new project; something simple and totally mindless.  I found these simple fingerless mitts that are perfect for using up my left over yarn.  I can feel virtuous and creative at the same time.

And curling up with some movies.  Again mindless and fun.  Isn't this just the cutest feel good movie? 

And being that I have yet to find a bad Brit series, I started watching this:

How perfect that it takes place in a retirement community.  Love it!!  Knitting and movies; the perfect way to do a brain dump after an intense week.

Also managed the (almost) daily walks.  I love this town, love it.  On one of my walks this is what I see as I enter the path:

The Bard!!!  We have the greatest summer series aptly called Shakespeare Uncorked (shakespearewallawalla.org).  I am a huge, huge fan of Shakespeare and took every course in college I could on Shakespeare and when last in the UK spent a week in Stratford walking the hallowed ground he trod upon. 

I have been thinking sometime on creating a work quilt, so I was delighted when I found this book on letters.  I love how funky they are and allow for all type of adaptation.  Not sure just yet what I want to write, but it will come.


Today will be spent in part redoing my office at work.  It seems to be the dumping ground for flopsom and jetsom and is looking like it could be featured on that Hoarder show.  It is due for a face lift and some beautifying.  Beings that I spent a disproportunate amount of my time there….

And there it is, nothing profound (my natural bent seems to think that if it is not profound…..) but small joys in my daily living.


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