It was with great joy that I entered into a three day week end!  Work has slowly been creeping into every area of my life and I needed some serious downtime to recharge and regenerate! 

The week end began with a house filled to overflowing with all eleven grands.  This was the last big hurrah before school begins once again for them all and visits will be limited to short week ends.  The time was used to celebrated yet three more birthdays.  Just look at that motley crew:

A result of sunshine, sugar, and water fights!  Eleven children, babies to pre-teen, makes for a great deal of chaos and a bit of craziness.  Wine is the medication of choice for the adults involved. 

The evening was a time of bonding for myself and all three daughters.  A trip to the local cheese shop http://www.salumierecesario.com/  (how great is it to live in a town that has the most awesome cheese shop EVER) with a purchase of each of their fav cheeses, some dipping oil, and bread and all we needed was more wine.  I chose this opportunity to open up a bottle of Va Piano Cab that I had been saving for just such an occasion. 

2006 Aloysius Cabernet Sauvignon
Cultivating great wine, like minds, takes time, patience, and perseverance. This Cabernet, crafted exclusively to benefit the Gonzaga Alumni Scholarship Fund, is full of all that a Washington State Wine has to offer!
Needless to say the wine and company were both excellent.  

Sunday was a rush for everyone to head home and back to the hustle and bustle of their lives and prepare for yet another school year.  For me it was a time to relax, put on a movie, and curl up with some knitting. 
 A few of my latest projects have been simple knits that offer almost instant gratification.  A few months back I found this pink toned camo yarn and immediately thought of one of my management team.  Leslie is the ultimate outdoors woman and loves anything camo, but she is also a very girly girl so the shock of pink is perfect.  I decided to make her a pair of fingerless mitts and a scarf.  She will love it!!
I always knit for others, but when I spotted this luscious Noro yarn, I just had to have something for myself.  This is what I chose:
I am IN LOVE with this yarn.  It is dreamy to knit on and the color variations through out are gorgeous.  I love it so much I just had to order enough in another color combo to do an entire sweater.  Noro is my newest love object.

The other day when walking my gurlz, I decided to try a new route.  Imagine my joy and delight when I came upon this:


Miles and miles of meandering paths with numerous foot bridges where they criss crossed the creek.  I adore foot bridges and cannot cross one with out pausing to enjoy the laughter from the bubbling creek below.
Further along I chanced upon this tree.  I love quirks of nature and was expecting a mythical creature to pop it head out at any minute.  But being that mythical creatures are shy, perhaps he waited until I passed.
As I was strolling along, I pondered how this experience relates to our journey through life.  We stroll through life on a set route and it is only when we change course, through choice, curiosity, or roadblocks, that we often discover unexpected delights.  When we embark on a new path we do so with anticipation and excitement.  Our eyes are open to new possibilities and we are aware and mindful of our surroundings.  Sometimes in a negative way, as change can be frightening, but mindful and aware all the same.  In changing course and taking an alternate route we often discover something greater, something of deeper meaning.  And we grow.  And isn't that really what life is all about?  
Happy Trails!!


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