The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of "busy"ness with something every night and the week ends pretty packed.  I do try to limit how busy I allow life to get, but this was all good "busy"ness! 

Last week end in remembrance of 9/11 I took part in a ceremony to honor our four local fire departments.  It was so very heart warming.  We planted trees and presented them with a plaque signed by all the residents.  The firemen and women were so appreciative and our residents who attended loved it!  I felt blessed to be a part of this event!

The remainder of the week was filled with lots of chamber events, work, and other commitments.  I just recently became a chamber ambassador and must say I Love It!!  I was hesitant to commit at first, due to my busy schedule, and yes it has added to my time commitments, but it has brought new friends and is just plain fun! 

And this week end was really filled with joy.  It started with a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market.  Usually I am busy going to yard sales so always miss our wonderful Farmer's Market.  But not this week end, it was top on my list.  I took as my side kick Isabel:

We loved the flowers!  These are so beautiful!

Look at all this lusciousness….

After a stop at the market we needed some refreshment to keep us going for the next stop.  Here is the view outside my favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Perk.  Isn't that dog just so sweet, and the street musician added so much to the ambiance of the morning.  LOVE THIS TOWN!!!

After our coffee stop we were ready to head out to score some great produce for canning.  The Walla Walla Valley is not only home to incredible wine, but also to numerous local produce and farm stands.  There is nothing so peaceful as a drive through the back roads stopping at farms along the way and loading the car with goodness to last through the winter.  That is certainly high on my list of Bliss!  Here is one of my favorites:

Edwards Family Farm, a third generation farm nestled in the cutest tucked away spot.  I want their tractor:

This is just one of twenty some local producers of fresh goodness for our tables.  And with names like Morningstar Berry Farm, Fehrenbacher Farm, Welcome Table Farm, Stones Throw Farm, and Pure Eire Dairy (where I get my delicious fresh milk) they just tug at the imagination.  After a visit I always think I want to chuck it all and go back to the land and do just what they do.  But as a farm girl, I understand that  there is nothing even slightly romantic about the hard labor required to survive off the land.  However, I am sure grateful for those who do so I can have all this lusciousness on my table!!

Apples!!  I love orchards and the rows upon rows of trees in such perfect order.  I always want to run down those rows and weave between the trees with wild abandon.  Becca kept me in check and in the car. 

Next stop was Monteillet Fromargerie www.monteilletcheese.com .  This has been on my to-do list since moving to the area around 2 years ago.  This is a lovely goat and sheep farm which produces some of the best cheese EVER!  As we approached we were greeted by the Goat Keeper:

She was a doll but took her job very seriously staying close by her herd.  She did allow us a few pats before back to her job.

 We strolled down to see the goats and sheep.  At first a few approached.  Aren't they just the cutest?

Then came the sheep:

And more sheep:

I could not help but think of all that wooly goodness knitted up into sweaters and mittens. 

After making our acquaintance with the herds we headed in to sample the cheeses.

So delish!  I had a hard time limiting myself to not buying everything as they were all so uniquely different and wonderful. 

Drove on into Dayton, the cutest small town ever.  Stopped in for a cuppa here:

Look at this!  I avoided the temptation, but it sure looks yummy.

Then it was back home.  After all that farm fresh goodness, Sunday was not a day of rest.  The canner has been going steady….  But that is a post for another day…gotta go put in the next batch of salsa.

Happy living,





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