Since my job is very demanding I try to make the most of every week end by packing in a great deal of family time, craft time, down time, and nature time.  This past week end I was fortunate enough to have my oldest granddaughter, Trinity, to join in the fun.  We had three glorious days!!

We Biked:

 We both love cycling and I was so excited to share some new trails with her. 

The weather was perfect!  The scenery breathtaking….

We got in several really good rides over the two days. 

We Crafted: 

While on one of my shopping trips some time back, I had found the cutest ever American Girl craft supplies.  I had stashed it away just waiting for the opportunity to bring it out for the grands to make journals.

They both had a grand time and made journals for themselves and their mommas.

I loved how they were each so involved in enjoying the process of creativity! 

We Ate Chocolate and Pizza:

We had a great lunch out at Trin's fav spot, Olive Marketplace.

They make the most amazing flatbread pizza and their desserts are heavenly.  We ended up eating dessert first, a huge piece of 4 layer choco cake, and taking most of our dinner home. 

Stopped off after our dessert at Brights Candy Store next door where Trin bought yet more chocolate for later.  She loves choco rocks and looks forward to Brights each time she visits. 

We Shopped:

 And last we stopped in at Inland Octopus; the best toy store ever!  We both had a great time looking at and playing with toys.  Did I mention how much I LOVE this town.  Our main street is filled with wonderful small businesses offering any number of great services.  It is absolutely perfectly what a main street should be!!

And We Enjoyed Nature:

On our way to return her home (sob sob…we both cried that it was ending) we stopped at the apple farm. 

This place is so beautiful and look at all those apples!!  We got a huge box to make applesauce.

Another fabulous tractor!!  We had one like this when I was growing up and my brother would hook an old car hood to it in the winter and pull us all over…FUN!!  I want this tractor, too!

Yet another perfect week end of memory making!  I think we did a right proper job of making it as bliss filled as possible!

On my Monday morning walk I realized that the park was awash in jewel tones of fallen leaves….

and realized that autumn had officially begun in our valley. 

Autumn, my favorite time of year!!  Celebrate Autumn, Indeed!!






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