IMG_1743Well I have been in the house for a few weeks now and absolutely love it.  But will the work of moving in ever stop!!  My poor movers, two days to get it all in and placed.  Of course I think I will be two months putting it together!  Oh but the house, it is such a feel good, happy house!  My first day to return to this home after working, I opened the door and the house literally wrapped its arms around me! 

It feels so good to put down roots again.  While my little rental cottage was just the perfect thing for the past two years, it was time to call Walla Walla home.  And it just feel so right!!

How about a little tour.  Mind you I need furniture, rugs, and paintings to complete my decor.  But all in good time, I am in no hurry.


All my wonderful collections are out again.  Don't mind the ladder….
 Oh to have a library again and be able to curl up in a comfy chair surrounded by all my fav books…heaven!!

I love this lamp that was my grandmother (the one in the pic).  


My sanctuary.. the soaker tub!!

Let's head upstairs….

The loft, pretty sparse until I get more decor…


My creative space, which is still a huge mess.  The closet that I, with no carpenter skills…I am a klutz with a hammer…installed shelves in.  Pretty proud of myself.

And of course we must have a few boxer pictures.  The Gurlz love the place too; especially all the windows and sunny spots to sleep.

And I have to include a few random favorite things:

The Three Sisters.  Christina made these for me a few years back.  They are each of my children.  I just love them!!

A bulletin board with a few of my fav pics and what nots.  Still need to find a place to hang it.

I adore having more space.  I thought I could down size when I moved to WW, but quickly found that I missed all that extra space.  I now have ample space once again.

My Street:

My neighborhood is lovely.  I chose this neighborhood as I fell deeply in love with it when I chanced upon it while walking my dogs last spring.  It is a planned community and has a creek running through, a nature area, lots of green spaces, ponds, and miles of meandering paths.  And it is enclosed.  I really feel I am living the life of Riley as my grandmother used to say!

On another note, remember my last post and my lovely family letting me know I had put on a few too many?  Well nothing like family to give you the wake up call.  Since January 1st I have not eaten anything unhealthy, joined a gym and work out six days a week and just started juicing.  Here is my meal for today:

 Yeah really looks yummy..NOT.  But actually it takes wonderful.  And in just two days I feel like a million!!  I do miss my wine, however;-).  

Aside from eating healthy and staying active, I have kept my resolution to make this a year of pleasure.  Been going out with girlfriends at least once a week if not more and spending more time outside of work.  Balance is a good thing.

And now the sun is shining and the path is calling my name.  Catch you next time.

In Balance,


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