After an absolutely beautiful day yesterday the wind picked up and has not stopped yet.  It is lashing at my windows and whipping around my house.  This type of a windy day is rather unsettling and wild.  Parts of town have lost power as the wind continues to beat us about.   I attempted to take the gurlz out to the nature walk but was firmly sent back to the car amid a whirlwind of dust and leaves.  Very much a Winnie the Poohish Blustery Day. 

I did, however, get out to do a bit of shopping.  Here is one of the views I drive by at the end of my block each day.  I love these ponds and we have several of them.


I made a stop off at Stash, our local quilt shop, and could not resist picking up some treasures.

Artful Blogging is such special eye candy.  I love browsing all the beautiful pictures and then heading to the blogs themselves.  I must admit, I am a bit of a blog addict and can spend far too much time lost in the lives of others through their blogs.  

Isn't this just the cutest fabric.  Aneela Hoey has been designing some of the cutest fabrics ever.  Notice all the mushroom love and the Little Red Riding Hoods.  In there somewhere lurks the Big Bad Wolf, too.  I am thinking about just sewing them all together randomly for a sweet crib size quilt.  My daughter (check out her blog here http://lifeinpurlsandstitches.blogspot.com ) has just done the cutest ever quilt with this fabric.  Just look at this:

Those blocks are all appliqued.  She used my favorite childhood book My Sister and I as her inspiration.  How stinking talented is that!!  

What else does one do on such a blustery day?  Well with all the grey weather, I especially enjoyed the beauty of fresh cut flowers on the table.

And  I curled up in my fav chair in the library and read a bit more tales of Lady Bug Farm.  This is the cheery view from my spot in the chair.

I do love all the cosy spots in this happy bright house.  Just look at this sweet nook just the right size for the little people who visit me often.

Tucked away in the loft.  I must find a little table and some little people sized furniture for this area.

Life has settled down once again into a routine.  I feel pretty settled in, although I will be adding bits and bobs along the way as there are many pieces missing to complete the house.  But all in due time.  Now it is time to head back up to my sewing studio and see what magic I can create.



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