Oh but I was happy to see the end of February this year.  It may be the shortest month of the year, but it certainly feels the longest.  February started with this:

Ice on top of ice and snow.  It was so hard packed I could walk on it without breaking through.  Provided I could stay upright it was so slick.  After a small break in the weather, thankfully just in time for my move to the new house, it once again gave us more of this:

Now I anxiously await the arrival of spring!  I see new growth peeking through the ground and green buds dotting the trees.  The promise of new life and beauty.  

I had a houseful of visitors to help me celebrate the ushering in of a new month.  Christina and kids arrived with my mom in tow.  We had a glorious 3 days together and I was able to show off my new home.  The grands loved the large loft and especially all the toys that I had stashed in their special nook.  They explored the neighborhood paths with me and loved the duck ponds and creek.  We were so busy I did not get any pictures and that makes me sad.  Next time I need to keep that camera at hand.

Christina had just moved house herself and in redecorating she brought me three beautiful large area rugs that she no longer had use for.  They fit just perfect in my home and I love them!  

Not a good photo.  I had just cleaned it and it was hanging to dry and I took it down just for the pic so it is a big wrinkly looking.  It will go in the living room by the fireplace.

She also brought back a childhood toy of mine that she had used to decorate.  I have the orginal Little Peoples house and a doll house that was made for my mom.  I will use them all as decor in the guestroom (well actually it is the grands room and being decorated just for them).  Here is a pic of it that I nabbed from one on sale on the net.  It is identical to mine.  The inside has three rooms upstairs and two down.  I spent endless hours playing with this as a child and it makes me smile each time I look at it.  A perfect addition to my home!


And as always I sent a carload of stuff home with her, too.  Between all the girls and myself we cycle a great deal of stuff from home to home as we change decor, need extra accent pieces, need crafting supplies, or just think something we have needs a new home.  

The decor of the new home remains a work in progress.  I keep changing things around a bit here and there and finding new things to add little by little.  As I work on setting up home and decorating I have fallen in love with Pinterest.  It is quite addicting if you are not careful.  But what a great way to organize and catagorize all the DIY home and craft ideas you find all over the web?  Yeah, just what we all need, one more reason to spend yet more time on the computer.  I already follow too many blogs!   

Today was a sick a bed day.  I have a touch of the flu and spent most of the day snuggled up in front of the fire dozing off and on.  The wind was blowing up a storm and the fireside was so pleasant.  I did a bit of reading off and on and finished the third in the Ladybug Farm series by Donna Ball.  A light pleasant read.  Tonight will be some Brit series and perhaps a bit of knitting.

Marching on,


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