Tomorrow marks another year older for me.  I am now closer to the mid 50s mark than 50.  I never really think about age and have always had to stop and figure in my head to know just how old I am turning.  All through my 40s I kept thinking I was a year older than I was and my kids would always correct me.  Now in my 50s I think I will start thinking I am a year (or maybe two) younger.  Perhaps no one will notice.  I do find that since crossing the line into the 50s I am much more nostalgic and find myself going back and rekindling memories of my childhood.  I do know that I am still that chubby little red headed child full of wonder with her head in the clouds…

I have been so fortunate as I have had a happy life with so many blessings and I am ever grateful of that.

The days leading up to my birthday have been wonderful in every way.  Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day.  I took advantage of it and cleaned out the pond, what a yucky stinky job.  But now I am greeted with the musical sound of running water each time I open the back door.  Next I started cleaning out the beds.  It is so fun to buy a house in the winter as spring brings Christmas every day as new plants emerge from the earth and there is pure delight in seeing new things spring out of the earth daily.  

I took time out to run over to Wilcox and was delighted to find just the perfect furniture pieces for my living room.  I will have two of these delivered tomorrow.

The are the yummiest rosey red and will give me lots of decorating possibilities through the seasons.  I like the clean and simple lines.  They will look fab draped with quilts and cushions.  

The evening brought a night out at Walla Faces.  One of my favorite local musicians, Mike Wagner, was performing.  

Mike is extremely talented and puts on a wonderful show.  Of course I adore Faces, it is my fav hangout in WW.  

Today brought cold and wet, really really wet weather.  After a romp with the dogs at the nature reserve..

It was over to the gym.  

At the gym I got a nice little ego boost.  Since I left my 40s and entered my 50s I have felt invisible to the opposite sex.  Just seemed to me that women became rather invisible once they hit that 50s marker.  Not that I am complaining, I am happier now than I have ever been in my adult life.  But all the same, it was an observation of mine.  So imagine my surprise when during my workout I was hit upon.  Not by just any guy, but a tattooed, shoulder length hair, muscle man.   Think Mel Gibson in Brave Heart.  Now that was a very nice ego boost and what a great way to slide into 54.  Course I think he may just have a thing for ghetto booties.  Cause those workout clothes leave nothing to the imagination and this gal has a definite ghetto bootie thing going on.  But heck, I take the ego boost where I can get them and just send up a thank you to the universe for making this 50 something chickadee feel 40 again.  

Next on the agenda was wine tasting with my friend Diane.  Diane was my amazing realtor and is now my awesome friend.  We are nearly birthday twins and thought wine tasting would be a fun way to celebrate.  

First stop was Patit Creek where I ended up succumbing to a nice Chardonnay and a blend named Trinite.  

Then it was off to Elegante Cellars, a new to me winery that I had never tasted before.  Elegante Cellars is a small boutique winery.  Doug Simmons the owner/vintner was so gracious and even gave us a tour.  His story was so interesting.  A retired school teacher he learned to make wine and then followed his dream.  How he came by the name Elegante is fascinating.  He worked with a teacher who would always reply when asked how the day was with it was elegant.  That was his answer to how most anything was and it stuck with Doug and became the name of his winery.  I love these stories!  Here is Doug among his wine barrels:

This room smelled heavenly!  Just look at all the wine waiting to explode on our palates!

Doug also made an amazing strawberry wine.  He tells the story of how he worked for Klickers Berries for years and so wanted to make a wine from the berries to commemorate the berries and memories.  I ended up with several of Doug's wines and will be back to buy more in a few days.  Doug knows how to make some premo wine!!

 Next stop was Ash Hollow:

I LOVE this place.  Of course The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite movies so a winery that has a theme around that is just my cuppa.  The winery got their name from the vineyard.  It used to be forested in Ash trees; thus Ash Hollow.  Love it.  The wine was excellent as well and I again purchased several bottles.

And last, the best for last, was Russell Creek.  Larry is one of the best of the best vintners and his wine kicks some serious bum.  He just happened to be having a sale on the Merlot so I just had to buy a case.  Here is Larry relaxing among the barrels:

After visiting and tasting at four wineries, we both had a nice stash and felt it was time to head home.  Diane presented me with this lovely hot pad from Patit Creek. 

I love the wheat and wine motifs.  A perfect addition to my kitchen!

Here is my haul from the day:

 Not bad for a day's tasting and a promise of many wonderful evenings yet to come.  

And a just for fun picture.  I had been talking about replacing my office chair with a fitness ball and finally did.  I LOVE IT!  It is so squishy, comfy, bouncy.  Makes me wonder why I did not think of this years ago!


Happy Celebrations!


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