I had this self commitment that I was going to blog weekly but it seems that the weeks always get away from me!  I have had the most wonderful birthday month ever.  On my birthday I arrived at work to a shower of floral deliveries and the sweetest cards ever from staff and residents.  I also got wine and gift certificates.  And that was all just from work.  I really felt so special and my heart did a sigh.  I do love my staff and residents and this was so touching!!

Back at home were more gifties and goodies.  One of my favorites was this art from my Bella.  She picked it out herself and said it reminded her of the two of us….priceless.

It is called "Together Always" and I do so love it!

On the heels of my birthday Becca, Matt, and Bella arrived for a visit from Nevada.  We had the grandest time and accomplished so much.  She did walk my legs off with all the shopping we did.  Here is some of the accomplishments for the week:



Isn't this just the cutest crib set ever!  Becca took two Tula Pink patterns and combined her crazy letters with her love quilt to make the HOOT quilt.  It is so adorable!  We also made a piece of wall art with decopauge and fabric owls.  Next on the agenda was to recover the rocker.  I think it turned out awesome!

Along with sewing, upholstery, and wall art we knitted.  Becca stayed on after her hubby left and was able to catch up with the Wednesday night knitting group.  We both just love that group!  She had a great time catching up.  We visited two knitting shops and dropped a bundle stocking up on yarn for projects.  We both bought the yarn to make so simple wraps.  Becca finished hers, mine is halfway…

Bella also knitted! 

But we wore her out most days….

Of course every visit has to include a trip to Olive.  Too yummy!!

Notice the Kate Davies owl sweater on Bella…

What a wonderful time we had together doing all the things that we love doing.  We even got to a few yard sales.  We ate too much, slept too little, and probably spent a bit too much money on crafty items (if that is possible).  

On her last week end we headed over to pick up Erica's two oldest, Trin and Kamihle.  They wanted to spend some play time with Bella.  Check out this precious grandlove of mine!  Jackson is just the cutest lovebug ever and I got lots of hugs from him when picking up his sisters!


Precious indeed!

The weather did not want to cooperate for outdoor fun and we awoke to this one morning:

Being typical March weather, the next day was like this:

It was all too soon over and time for everyone to return home.  Last night the house was empty and all too quiet.  But I had stored away so many special memories and lots of hugs and loving to last me until the next visit.  
I have had a good two months of wonderful visits from my children and grands.  What more can a grandma ask for?!  

Today was back to the usual routine.  When I walked into work today this gorgeous arrangement was on the table in the lobby:

What a cheerful welcome.  Safeway donates their outdated flowers to us weekly (how generous it that!!) and one of our amazingly talented residents makes these awesome bouquets to put throughout the building.  It always makes me smile to see these as I enter my community.  Just had to share!!

So that is where I have been for two weeks.  Soaking up lots of love and making memories!!


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