And it was not the type of bug you want to be bit by, it was the flu bug.  I have not had the flu since I can remember.  I was a bit slow on realizing that I was sick and that a fever was the body's signal to take it easy.  So on the first day I still did my usual gym workout, went in to work, and walked the gurlz.


It was so beautiful.  How could I resist?!

I paid for it big time when the fever doubled in intensity and I was sick a bed for an entire day with regular medication intervals.  TheraFlu was my new best friend!! Funny how being sick makes us want our momma's.  I sure wanted mine.  

When I finally felt well enough to crawl out of bed I got a great deal of crafty work accomplished.

Finished my sparkly mobius scarf.

A few weeks back when Becca was here I bought some new patterns and had been excited to get to them but never found the time.  

With feeling a bit better but still being house bound, I took advantage of the opportunity and made the Tula Pink LOVE quilt.  OK, I gotta admit I love the name Tula Pink, really how stinkin cute it that?  This is the same quilt that Becca made last week but used Tula's crazy letters to spell HOOT instead of LOVE.  I had stashed this really cute fabric away just waiting for the perfect pattern.  I had been actually lusting after playing around with some quilty letters but never found the time.  This quilt was so easy.  It was about one hour from the first cut until the completion of the top.

The letters before they are "crazy" cut.

After cutting to size and making them a bit "crazy."

IMG_1821 IMG_1822
A close up of the completed top and a close up of the fabric.  My oldest granddaughter will turn 13 this year and this will be a perfect gift for her.  This is a perfect image of her.  She is a free spirit who is always singing and has occasionally had blue tips in her hair too.  

After the quilt was completed the sun was shining so brightly and the backyard was calling my name.  I took advantage of the warmth to sit outside on the patio and work on the second sock in a pair that had been ongoing for a year now…

 This is awful yarn.  But I should have this one completed in a week or less and then can put them behind me.  I just could not leave it with one sock knitted…..yeah I know…

Speaking of knitting.  I was so disappointed to be sick this week end as on Sunday Walla Walla was the scene of some yarn bombing.  I missed the entire thing.  Sure hope someone got some good pics of it all!!  My planned project will now have to wait until next year.

As the shadows fell the gurlz and I headed back inside to curl up with a movie.  I had rented The Help on Netflix but like the quilt had not found the time to watch it.  I loved the book so was a bit apprehensive about the movie.  It is rare to find a movie that can match the depth and intensity of a book.  However, I was not disappointed in the movie.  It was excellent.  Every time I read or watch anything from that era, I wonder how people can say they would like to go back to the 50s and what they termed the "good ole days."  Those days were really only good for a select few.  Perhaps we all yearn for a simpler life and that is what these folks are trying to verbalize.  Personally I enjoy modern technology and believe it has allowed me to live a life of more ease and simplicity.   Well among so many other things that we take for granted every day (for a female that includes being able to have financial stability through a career of my choice, being able to finance a home on my own, to chose the amount of children I wanted to have, just so many many things).  No I do not want to return to those "good ole days" as they were in reality not good in so many many ways.

As I ponder upon these things, I look out my window and once again give thanks for all my great blessings.  

I love this view when the light slants just right in the early evening.  

With Gratitude for all my blessing,


2 thoughts on “BITTEN BY THE BUG….

  1. Thanks Mary! I thought the letters were just so fun to do and am thinking of making the second one today….it is an easy way to spread some LOVE;-).

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