Yes, that is what I have woken up to twice now since April has arrived.  Not that it has stuck to the ground, but seriously snow?  The showers, snow and rain, have been pretty steady for a week.  All that rain is greening up the earth and adding color.  Here is my view as I enter work.  Breathtaking!


Even in the rain it is beautiful.  Look at that gorgeous carpet of pink "snow."  I could not resist posting this picture.  I am so stinkin lucky to work in such beautiful surroundings!!  But then every one knows I love what I do and am filled with gratitude for my job (for those who don't know…I am the executive director of an Emeritus senior living community….bliss indeed!).  

But work aside…..  After a nasty rendezvous with the flu (which gave me a serious new sympathy for anyone who suffers the flu) life resumed its normal pattern.  Work consumed the week with daily trips to the gym for my work out and (almost but not quite due to rain) twice daily romps with the gurlz.  

Saturday morning dawned with clear skies and the promise of a beautiful day.  Up early and I headed out to a few yard sales.  I have been wanting some furniture for out back but waiting for just the perfect set at the perfect price so was thrilled to find this for $10.

It will provide perfect seating for crafting and soaking up the sun until I find that perfect set to replace it.  I do think it needs to be a hot pepper red though……and that cushion really has to go….  

At home with the chair (and a few baby clothes for the soon to be newest grand) I could not resist soaking up sun and working on my newest knitting project (no I did not finish the sock yet…but shhhh don't tell).  Arline and Chris from knitting group both made Wingspan and I just had to have one too.  Mine is being made in Mini Mochi.  I just love the colors in this…

Mochi is soft and so nice to knit with.  The size 4 needles are a slow go, but the project is simple and in garter stitch so will go quickly.

In the sewing studio this is what is going on…

Took a break from knitting to work on some blankets for grandbaby to be #12.  Yeah I cannot believe I will soon have 12..TWELVE..grandchildren.  Becca had requested some of those simple tied fleece blankets.  Here are the three I quickly cut out.  I will finish tying them this eve while perhaps watching one of the netflix movies that are waiting to be watched and returned (when the weather turns who wants to be watching movies…time to put the netflix on hold again until winter).

Remember my New Year's resolutions?  Well I have been great with the working out and I avoid almost all prepared and junk food.  But I am just not where I want to be with my eating.  It turns out our company dietitian has a private practice right here locally.  How sweet is that…and our insurance covers the cost…even sweeter.   Diane works out of the Many Waters Wellness Center.  I am really stoked about yet another step toward a healthier lifestyle.  As the first quarter of the year ends (yeah I know, quartering up the year…but heck at work our goals are all quarter to quarter and it is a good time for reflection) I have been really successful with my personal goals.  My life is definitely more balanced and I am so much more active and healthy!   

And now back outside to enjoy the setting sun over a cuppa with knitting project in hand!



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