The past few weeks I have been crazy busy with work. It has been all good, well actually great with lots of big things in store for me professionally.  But it does take its toll on my personal time.  

So my crafting has suffered tremendously.  I have managed to get in a small bit of knitting time but that has been about it.  Still plugging away at this:

Wingspan and so simple I should have finished it by now…sigh…

I did have some fabulous grand time.  Check out these faces:

Little miss serious with little miss dimples:-).


I just love the time spent with my grands and treasure each moment.  

This week end I finally pulled Blue Bliss out and got in some serious cycling time.  Cycling has always been a passion of mine and time back in the saddle is just tops.  I am fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world and cycling allows me to see it up close and personal.  I am pretty much a social animal, but I am a solitary cyclist as it is my time to really regroup, do deep thinking, and just be in the moment.  It is not unusual to find me deep in conversation with myself while cycling.  Yeah like in talking out loud.  I keep my cycling to remote areas so have not been committed yet…

Just a few of the views on my ride.  I love these wind turbines.  Notice all that green!

Making sure to keep up on my girlfriend time and that always includes Walla Faces.  Last night was no disappointment with Salsa night.  Crazy fun!  They offer free Salsa lessons.  Think I may just have to give it a try.  No fun sitting on the sidelines.  Eddie Manzanares and band were awesome and had a packed house.  Today they are having a wine and chocolate pairing.  Two of my fav things…can't miss it!  One of the beauties of living in WW is that there are no strangers.  Every time I go out I end up making at least one new friend.  So many interesting people call this valley their home.  My life is constantly being enriched by meeting and interacting with new friends.  Priceless!!

Just this past week it has really hit home once again of just how my life is so joy filled.  I have such a deep contentment that comes from knowing I am where I am intended to be and doing what I was intended to do.  That contentment goes beyond happiness and is the fountain of true joy and bliss.  I have been able to give back to my community through my work and through my service work in the community.  I find that every time I give back I am the one who gets the deepest blessing in return.  

And now out to do some serious work of sampling chocolate and wine..


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