Wow has three weeks really gone by already?  So much is always a going on around here and I try to enjoy every bit of it.  A great deal of positive is churning around in my life.

With the advent of spring and near perfect weather, Bliss has been getting lots of use.  Riding is becoming a habit once again and my mental health is the better for it.  Last week end I was able to put in some serious miles.  Headed out and on the way back stopped at one of my favorite places, Whitman Mission.  Here is a great photo recap.  Look at those views!  My valley is bout as close to heaven as you are going to get!

And of course the provider of all this joy, my Blue Bliss!  Serious. Bike. Love!!

Also had a myriad of Chamber events over the past few weeks.  I really enjoy my work as a chamber ambassador.  I always feel so energized after spending time with my chamber buds.  On Friday I had volunteered to help at the Pre-Flight event at Waterbrook Winery.  WW has a huge annual Balloon Stampede and since it was also the week end of Spring Barrel Release this event covered both.  I had the fun of being assigned the task of sewing casing into lengths of fabric.  Look at what magic the crew then created with those pieces.  Awesome!

I passionately believe in giving back to the community you live in but also that you must find work that really ignites your passion.  I have found three such positions that do just that: Chamber Ambassador, WW Leaders Network, and Board Member for Community Council for Youth.  I am able to give through my career choice, but this is that something more that allows me to enrich my life through helping others.  

Life is not complete without lots of gurlfriend time and I make sure to get my weekly doses.  I am a regular at Walla Faces and the venues never disappoint (the wine of course rocks).  I finally finally returned to another of my favorite hang outs, Village Winery.  Always great music and the ambiance of both places is just perfect for hanging with friends. 

Wayman Chapman

Mike Wagoner

Mark Brown and The Fork in the Road

Yeah my Iphone takes bad pics as I am so dyslexic with it;-).  

One of my friends just opened up an art gallery here in town too, Firehouse 30.  How stinkin cool it that!  Candice is renovating an old firehouse into the most awesome space for a gallery.  She had her opening this week and featured the work of Sean Anderson.  He used a variety of mediums but my favorite by far was dirt.  Yeah painting with dirt….awesome.  I gotta commission a piece with the dirt from my family farm….how priceless would that be!!  

And now about the Biker…..  Well remember that post a few months back when I mentioned that a tat covered, long haired, body building, Harley dude was doing some serious checking me out at the gym.  Yeah I had ignored him for months, but the guy was hellva persistent and engaged me in conversation.  And then at the nagging insistence of my gurlfriend I started checking him out.  Hmmmmmm…..but I was determined to keep a tight control on my perfectly precious single life.  In fact for three years I have been deliciously, delightfully, and determinedly single.  Yeah well, apparently the fates had different plans for me.  I am sure God is up there chuckling….just like Him to take the most unlikely person at the most unlikely time and throw him into my tightly controlled world.  Not funny!!  The biker has seriously turned out to be not what I expected and yeah the "r" word has come into my world and vocabulary.  Not easily mind you, I had a serious melt down when the "r" word was mentioned….kinda (OK not kinda but completely) freaked.  But you know once I let go of the control and just relaxed it has been pretty freakin awesome.  But I still don't appreciate God's sense of humor…..  So now this Bliss Girl is in a relationship (ouch still cannot say that word without a twinge of freakout) with the Biker and yeah gotta admit he rocks my world in a very good way.  Bliss girl and the Biker…..  Oh and yeah it was the ghetto bootie thing….

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