In May I headed to Nevada to welcome a new precious grand daughter to the world.  Emilee joined her big sister and gave me an even dozen grand children.  It that crazy awesome or what?!  Here is just the most adorable picture of Bella and her new sister Emilee.  Bella is just so delighted with her!!  And Emilee is just the sweetest baby EVER!

Her momma tells me that Emilee is a very happy baby.   By the looks of this picture I would most certainly agree.


The day of the arrival we had to have some big sister wear.

So proud to be a big sister!!  She even has big sister tattoos!!

Becca, always the great cook. made up this amazing coffee cake the day she went into the hospital to have Emilee.  It was scrumptious!

Yup I ate way too much the entire time.  Did get out for a few runs but not enough to cancel out those calories!  I also got the chance to meet Matt's sister and Step Mom.  Loved them both immediately!  So happy for Bella to have such an awesome grandma and auntie right there nearby!  And what wonderful support for Becca.  Love you Debi and Reggie!!  

While there I also go in some serious Bella loving.  Here we are making silly faces.  We had such a great time.



I had not been to Northern Nevada and had only flow into Vegas, so this was quite interesting.  The trip was a 8 hour drive from Walla Walla.  My son in law Joe went with me and I really enjoyed his company.  Plus he is a speed demon and I gotta love that!!  The landscape of the Nevada desert was so intriguing and beautiful.  Sparse and so isolated but still possessed striking beauty.

All too soon it was over and time to head home.  So sad leaving and lots of tears on the way.

Once back it was a whirlwind of busyness.  Immediately headed up to Spokane for a regional conference.  Lucky for me Lewisia was required to go along too.  We are good at finding lots of trouble together.  Love that girlfriend so much!!  I adore Spokane and of course we had to stay at the Davenport.  The ONLY place to stay while in Spokane!  Had such a great time with my Emeritus buds as always!

Two long long days!  But Lewisia and I managed to get in some serious power shopping while there.  

After over two weeks of eating like there was no tomorrow it was time to get tootin serious about ramping up my fitness to the next level.  With that in mind I found a personal trainer.  Yeah this guy is gonna kick my booty into shape.  I told him I don't want any sissy work out and he has taken me at my word.  First addition to my routine was stadium stairs……yeeouch!!  But it is all good and I am loving every painful minute of it…  And still getting in my Bliss time.  Not as much as I would like, but in the hectic schedule of late anything is good!  I am usually a solitary cyclist, but I had the greatest ride with my girlfriend Arline last week.  Arline is just one of the most fun people ever to hang with and always has me laughing so hard.  That is a precious gift!  

My year so far is so on track with what I had set out to accomplish in 2012.  Definitely a year of pleasure.  So many dear and precious friends and wonderful time spent with them.  I am so healthy and strong once again and feel a million bucks.  Treasured family time, not as much as I would like as they all live away…  And the totally unexpected sweetness of a wonderfully romantic and awesome man.  Really rounds out the completeness of a balanced and blissful life!!  Yup I am blessed and so durn tootin happy…..



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