Finally Finally Back to Blogland…

After and 6 month hiatus I am finally back to blogland!  It is amazing just what can happen in 6 months.  How about a quick photo recap.

Lots and lots of family time!!!





It was six sweet months with lots of busy activity at home and at work.  But the biggest news of the year is this gorgeous blue diamond engagement ring on my finger…

Yeah I know I always went on about how deliciously, deliriously, decidedly, and delightfully happy I was as a single gal.  And I sure was, until the universe had other plans and threw this crazy guy in my path…..

We had our ups and downs, even separating for a (very) short time.  But when something is right and two people are meant to be together….well it just happens.   But isn't he just the cutest ever?   And yes he is very much the romantic!!!  A dozen red roses deliver to work followed by my guy showing up and getting down on one knee and saying just the perfect words to win my heart completely!  Of course I said "yes."  

So now I find my Blue sharing space with a Harley. 

Who would have ever thought in a million zillion years??!!!  But I will admit it is much easier to share garage space than closet and drawer space.  Ummmm yeah I have a lot of clothes and I had to work very hard to manage to find a wee space in that huge walk in closet.  Could not give up dresser space (yeah I have two huge dressers) so he had to bring his own.  Perhaps I have a bit of a clothes addiction…..naaahhhh no way….

So now my biker and I have settled happily into a very blissfilled life together.  No wedding date set yet….thinking early spring….. 

I thought it would be a huge adjustment to share my life once again with someone.  But to my surprise and delight it has just been so natural and easy.  Biker is so easy going and such a nice contrast to my…..well let's just say I am not really the calmest person on the face of the earth.  

My children have all come to call and give their stamp of approval.  Who could not love the guy (spoken like a woman in love, I know).  And we took a visit to my home town.  Biker is not a country boy so it was fun to take him to the farm.  I think he looks like a natural…

The grandkids absolutely adore him.  I'm worried we are going to be raising some biker chicks…..


It is a very good thing and I find myself so very happy with this new development as I start on a new path in this journey called life!!  

The very happy couple….

It is never too late to live happily ever after…..

I will post my Christmas house in another blog.  Since I only bought the house last February it has been so fun decorating for each season!!



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