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I absolutely love decorating for the holidays.  A festive house is a happy house in my world.  I have however scaled down considerably as the years have gone by.  I used to take down all my decor and replace it with holiday decor.  There was a time when the girls were young that I would put up 5 trees all with a different theme.  I have since passed that torch, and those decorations, on to my girls….along with all the holiday cooking of plum puddings, fruitcakes, and cookies…

Last year I did not put up a tree as I was in the process of moving to my new home.  So I was very excited pull out all the decorations this year (all 10 huge storage boxes…yeah that is scaling down).  I have lived in many houses over the years and I find that each house dictates the decor.  My favorite was a huge old victorian type house with a huge entryway, staircase, and large livng, dining, and kitchen.  That house demanded a lot of baubles, lights, and such.  This house lends itself to decor and looks good no matter what I throw at it in terms of decorations.  I as pretty pleased with the results.  What do you think?

My Charlie Brown tree.  Next year I want one twice as large and much taller!!

Have had this Nativity since the girls were small.  I love it!!

When the biker and I started dating we would leave notes for one another as we were coming and going.  When we took that next step and combined households we purchased a leather journal which we use just for this purpose.  Daily we leave little notes, sayings, bits of poetry…whatever takes our fancy.  One of our ways of staying connected.  I just love it!!

With the change in schedule and the addition of the biker to my life and household, I have not gotten quite as much crafting done.  However I did manage to knit up a bunch of these easy scarves.  They are so simple, yet look fab!  

My sewing room is all cleaned up and ready, though, for some serious sewing.  The biker is a football fan and that allows me lots of "me" time which works out perfectly!

And I just cannot help but share the Autumn pictures from my beautiful neighborhood.  Yeah fall is over but… is just such a beautiful and peaceful place I have to share!!


Now it is time to head to the gym, my favorite home away from home!   Here is a bit of silly Christmas humor from the biker and me….


Cheers and holiday wishes!


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