WELCOME 2013!!

I really love this!  It is much better than making resolutions.  But that being said it is time to do a yearly check up on how my last years resolutions played out.  My 2012 goal was to obtain a balance between work and life.  It was my year to spend time engaged in pursuits outside of work that I enjoyed; friends, family, and getting back to the gym.  I not only met all those goals but had the added sweetness of ending the year engaged to a wonderful man and looking forward to what lies ahead for us.  

So what goals do I have for this year?  Well to continue to live a balanced life, to embrace all that life has to offer me, to learn to really live mindfully and in the present, to avoid negativity and embrace the positive, and to continue to take my fitness to the next level.  Good list and very attainable.  I expect some changes this year in both my professional and personal life and need to be prepared to embrace those changes.

Biggest change in 2012:

Having a special person in my life again has been pretty darn awesome.  It was so unexpected and I certainly was not looking.  Just like the Universe to send me spinning when I least expected it.  Living with someone after living alone for so long was actually so easy.  One of the great things about this relationship is that we have found everything to just be so easy and natural.  Feels like we have always been together and were always meant to be together.  Darn tootin sweet to find that at this stage in my life.  

I just had to add this above the bed.  I have always loved this saying…

Yup life is pretty tootin sweet!!

To ring in the New Year we had some special guests.  Two sweet peas;

Loving it at grandma's cause she always buys their favorite foods.  Has been too long since I had sweet peas come to stay.  Loving it…

On keeping balanced here is my current stack of books.  Love Kate Morton and this is her newest!  Hahn is awesome for personal growth and learning to really live in the moment.  Love Dare is so highly recommended by my daughter so Jimmy and I decided to give it a read.  


With the winter days closing in the gurlz like to join us by the fire.

Of course this is always after our daily walks.  Not sure who loves those walks more, us or them.  

And now time to head to the gym.  My fav home away from home!!

Happy New You!!


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