February how did you creep up so quickly…

January certainly did slip by quickly.  It was a very busy month here at Serenity Cottage.  Many memories were made, including lots of family time.  Chrissy and the grands came for a nice long visit.  We had a grand time visiting favorite places, shopping til we dropped, cooking up yummy goodies, and the added joy of taking little Frankie with us to visit the Harley store.  


Olive is by far one of our favorite places to eat!  

Frankie loved those Harleys!  We could hardly keep him off them.  But then again, Jimmy seemed to want to try them all out too!   I think I could get used to one of the beautiful touring bikes.  After all there can't be that much difference between cycling and motorcycling now can there?!

Jimmy got Frankie a Harley hat and toy.  He really rocked that hat and even slept in it!  This is one happy boy!
Chrissy and I wanted to get in some power shopping so Jimmy stepped in with the kids while we shopped.  They had fun hamming it up for him.  

With the upcoming visit I had decided to make an Orange Chiffon Cake.  One of my favorite recipes and so durn yummy yet guilt free!  It turned out beautiful!

I left it on the table to go run errands and when I returned all that was left was an empty cake stand.  Two very badly behaved boxers had determined that it was made especially just for them.  That meant two boxers were in the dog house!

January was surprisingly mild and we had virtually no snow this year.  Jimmy and I took advantage of the weather and headed out each week end to Lake Bennington with the gurlz.  Lake Bennington is maintained by the Corps of Engineers and has miles and miles of paths.  The scenery is breathtaking and changes season to season.

I believe we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  And I am grateful for that!  

While meeting someone so special at this time in my life is the absolute best, it is made even sweeter when he has the most awesome kids and grands!  I feel extra blessed to be a part of their lives too!  Getting to know them has been so much fun.  I like to plan special things when they come over and so when I knew they were coming for Superbowl Sunday, I had planned ahead to have some fun craft projects for the grands.  While the boys watched the game, Chantelle, the kids and I exercised our creativity.  

Such wonderful masterpieces!  And such a fun time!!

February marks my year anniversary in my new home!  It has been an amazing year.  I love my home and still get that small thrill up my spine when I open the door each evening and am greeted by my cozy little cottage.  And I am filled with gratitude for all my blessings, both large and small.   

February the month to celebrate love!  I adore Valentines Day.  It has long been one of my favorite holidays.  I remember as a child taking a shoebox to school and creating a special one of a kind box to hold all my Valentines.  The anticipation that grew as the box was filled up in the weeks leading to Valentines Day was tops.  I have a small collection of vintage Valentines that I enjoy looking through.   To this day I still love those lacy paper hearts and keep a stash just to play with.  Remember the fun of crafting huge paper Valentines for our mom, dad, and often a special boy we thought was so cute?  Lots of love went into that card along with paper and paste.  

Such sweet sweet memories from this day!

On my needles…..

Still making scarves.  They are so fast and easy and I can pick them up and do a few rows.  Near instant gratification!  Works for me!!

Will you be my Valentine?


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