New Name, New Adventure….




So many many happenings swirling around, exciting changes, and new adventures.  The past few months have brought numerous trips as we have been seeking to relocate.  Seems we were gone every other week end.  Mainly to Portland, but also a quick three day trip out to Minneapolis and back for an interview.  It has been exhausting but also exciting.  Still no definite job, turned down a few and been turned down for a few as I wait for just the perfect fit.

In the midst of all this travel we made the decision to get married.  No stress there; planning a wedding, interviewing, traveling….  Like all brides I wanted my day to be perfect and it was!  Every element of the wedding was filled with meaning.  Our officiant, the band, the venue, all were deeply personal to us.  The oldest granddaughter sang a special song for our first dance.  All 14, yes 14, grandchildren were there as were our combined Brady Bunch children..3 girls and 3 boys.  Dancing, eating, visiting, and celebrating love, it was exactly as I had planned and dreamed it to be!  And I love being married to this man.  LOVE IT!

Aside from weddings, travel, and packing I have been out on the bike.  Yup, I got on that Harley and instantly fell in love.  Being a cyclist, I figured I would.  And it was awesome…like being on my Bliss but on steroids!!  Since that first ride I have been riding as often as possible.  Just love the feel of the wind in my face, the noise of the bike, and the feeling of freedom it brings.  Of course it is perfect being the passenger and able to just sit back and enjoy the views!   

Since I have become a "house frou" in between jobs, I have found time do all those things I could not when working.  I have done several knitting projects and frogged a few of those too, packed most of the house in anticipation of the upcoming move, had lots of family in and out to visit, read some good books, and decided to change my decor.  The colors above are what I have settled on.  I love the warmth of these hues.  Had to add the reddish color as that is the exact color of my love seats.  I have had the painting bug lately, thanks to Annie Sloan, and repainted the Pottery Barn wicker chairs for the patio (they desperately need new cushions now).  I purchased paint to redo my table and hutch.  They will be in the blue above but the table top is being done in chalkboard paint.  Can't wait to get that project done!!  Next up is a quilt in all the new colors.  Just love changing it up as I was so stuck in a decorating rut with the same ole same ole colors forever.   

I have to admit I am hooked on playing with the photo apps on my phone.  Just like every surface looks better with paint, so every photo looks been when altered.  Anyone else find that they just have to mess around with every photo taken on their phone?  Yeah can get a bit obsessive…..

So half way through 2013 finds this woman with a new name (I am very traditional when it comes to being married) and facing yet more adventures in life.  And loving every single minute of the ride!!


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