And It Continues, This Blissful Life..

After much work with packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking we are settled into our new city and home.  It was quite an adventure that could not have been completed without the assistance of three amazing son in laws, daughters, and Jimmy's son.  They all pitched in and helped us to get it all done.  We absolutely absolutely love our new home!  Let me take you on a tour..


It is nice and roomy with all the amenities that I required…a soaker tub, double walk in closet (only one half shows in the pic), a huge master bedroom that allows room for the bed in the center of the room with both nightstands on either side (a first since I bought the set), perfect cooking kitchen, formal dining and living….just so beautiful in every way.  And a huge deck out back with gorgeous landscaping all round.  Various neighbors have already come to introduce themselves.  We are loving it! 

In the midst of the move we took a break as we celebrated my oldest grand daughter's birthday.    My Doodle Bug is now a teen and is growing up too fast!


First chance we got, Jimmy and I began to explore our new environs.  We had some fun on the bike and were so excited to discovered that the coast was only an hour away!

Love to see these artist working.  Such beautiful pieces of glassware!!  

In our exploration we have also done some wine tasting.  Miss those Walla Walla wines but have found some pretty darn good stuff here too.  I look forward to getting out and doing a great deal more of sampling.  Love my wine….

When we moved we did not bring all our furniture so we have had to begin to find new pieces to fill up the house.  Such a hard job huh?  So far we have only found one piece and that is a nice little table for the breakfast area (yeah I left my chalkboard painted table behind for Bella and M'lee).  Here it is with flowers from my backyard…

Beautiful….I love hydrangeas.  

One of the biggest changes of all was my hubby had a hair cut.  Wow…. He donated his hair to Locks of Love…so sweet.  Took me a bit to get used to him without that beautiful hair and yes I do miss it….  But if I may say so myself he is dang handsome no matter what his hair is like…


We also discovered while on a nightly walk one of the benefits of living in this area of Oregon…wild blackberries by the score.  So far we have frozen 10 bags full and eaten as many!  They are delicious and just there for the picking.  The gurlz love them too and while we pick they pull them off the branches with their teeth and chomp happily away.  

Speaking of the gurlz, they have happily adjusted to their new home too….


When we first started talking about taking this step and moving to Oregon and the city, it was just a dream.  Now that we find ourselves here we are so glad we took the risk and just did it!  Although we expected to find ourselves in Portland, God had different plans for us and knew best what would suit us.  Salem seems to be the perfect fit.  We have all that a city can offer, yet it has a small town feel.  I have found that my position in this company and Oregon suits me much better than what I left behind.  Jimmy has had the opportunity to take some vacation but begins work again in a few weeks time.  We do miss our families and the grands, but they are not far away and all within an easy days drive or less.  As they say…it is all good…. 

Sometimes we have to take risks.  In fact, risks are nearly always a part of reaching for our dreams.  We stepped out in faith that all would work out for us as intended.  And it did, however that was partly due to that fact that we calculated our risks and had a plan in place.  I was extremely particular about what job I would accept and where I would work.  We investigated cities and neighborhoods to find those we felt we would be contented living in.  And it has come about just as we planned.  

And that is how it should be…..



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