It is hard to believe that summer is over and fall is once again upon us.  After a long week of sitting, sitting, sitting while securing my Oregon Administrators Cert, I was ready for some serious down time.  Erica, Joe, and the grands arrived for three days just as I returned home for the training.  

First day was spent at the Oregon State Fair.  I had not been to state fair since I was a small child.  Trin was competing at the state level spelling bee.  She is much the brainiac like her mom!

Although she did not make the top placement, she did very well.  Considering she was one of the youngest in her group and the competition was darn tootin tough, I am so proud of her!  Next year she will be back I am sure.  Heck I could not spell those words!  Let me tell you those kids were amazing; confident, articulate, well poised!  Made me feel so good about the future!  

They all had a great time at the fair and of course most of the time was spent at the carnival on the rides and playing games.  Jimmy and I preferred to just watch them on the rides and declined all invitations to join them…..

Next day was off to the beach!  We just love the fact that the beach is an hour away!  We spent the entire day there and while I skipped the carnival rides, I was in those waves like a flash and soaked from head to toe right along with the grands!

The hubby was soaked too….we both love the ocean!  It was just a perfect day.  We had some sleepy heads when we finally headed home…

The final day was just spend puttering round the house while the kids did some school shopping.  To soon the week end was over and they were off to home and how quiet was the house!

Meanwhile back in Walla Walla, grandchild number 15 is giving baby daughter fits as he cannot quite decide exactly when he is going to make his entrance into this world and she has been in and out of labor.  Looks like hubby and I will be going on a trip real soon!  Cannot wait to see the little guy!!

As each day passes and I store away yet more memories, I think how very fortunate I have been.  Yes, I have had my share of bad times, rough luck, and just plain rotten breaks, but I tend to focus on all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.  My life journey has not been linear but has twists and turns, hills and valleys….and occasional crevices.  But then isn't that part and parcel of the human condition?  Each experience has made me who I am today, brought me to this exact point in time, and molded and shaped my world view.  What I fear most is becoming stagnant and set in my ways, rigid in my views, and refusing to grow and learn from each new experience/person life sends my way.   I do meet many people who are inflexible, who are so absolute in their rigidity, and I ponder what made them so.  But more importantly I stop and reassess my own areas where I have perhaps become rigid and see if I need personal realignment in areas of my life.  Inside we all have a compass, a set of values, that directs our path.  I believe I need only listen and follow that compass to keep me on the path that God has intended for me.  I may get lost at times or veer away, but if I am open and listening, my compass will always guide me back in the direction that is my calling.

And that, for me, is how it should be!


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