Guess Who?!

Finally back to blogland. Surprising how fast the time can fly. So what have I been up to? Well quite a bit. For one thing I have become a Pinterest enthusiast. But I don’t just pin, I have used this amazing site for decorating ideas for home and work, the recipes to kick us out of food rut, the fitness ideas to kick my bootie, and the organizing ideas to streamline my line. Gotta love it!

I am one of those crazy organized individuals who loves to have systems in place and ways to chart/control aspects of daily living. So when I discovered this system via Pinterest I was hooked. There is just something about writing everything down; menus, budgets, birthdays and gifts, fitness journaling etc, that satisfies something in my soul. Yeah I know but it is what it is…..




Got the printouts from here: a great blog that is full of amazing ideas for organizing your life! I think I need to put these together for my girls too!

One of the many huge benefits that has come about with the new management of my community is that I now have the ability to have a life outside work. I have been able to sew, craft, knit, gym, cook, and just have me time! I have loved it! I got busy and transformed my sewing room to make is more user friendly. And now it is always a lovely mess of projects in progress! I did clear up long enough to have a great visit from daughter number 2. We did a show at the expo for IDLife. Which I must say is one of the best discoveries I have made in ages! Seriously, hot flashes and joint issues gone with these new vitamins and supplements. They have a great shake…natural and non GMO with Chia that I love and drink daily too. It has saved us a bundle as Jimmy is a huge fan of supplements and these are so reasonable but the best! It is all individually tailored to your needs through a comprehensive health assessment. Do I need to say how much I love this?! Check it out at


I am not a huge salesperson…well other than selling you assisted living…but this just so rocks!! I have more energy…seriously!!

On one of my excursions out and about I hit the Goodwill. Now first the Goodwill here is nothing like the one in Walla Walla, that place rocks!! Here is it a 4 on the scale of 1-10 and that would be a good day. But look at what I found. This was partially knit but not on needles. I nabbed it for .99 took a look figured out the pattern and was off. Just a few more feet and it is complete. Gorgeous NORO yarn and for .99….SCORE!


It has been wonderful having time again. Sadly Jimmy and I have different days off, but I have the freedom to tweak my schedule so I make it work for us. We still get our monthly doses of the ocean and nice long walks with the gurlz. With the nice weather we will be heading out on the bike. Jimmy got me a killer leather Harley coat for my birthday and I have been dying to break it in!

Our first spring in Salem has been one filled with beauty, this is our daily view:





Gotta have some boxers in there!

Happy Spring to ya’ll. Oh and in that organization file is the means to plan and execute a weekly blog. Think I can do it? I’d just love to share all the recipes I’m trying out from Pinterest along with crafty ideas so I’m gonna give it a try!!

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