Bruno the Brute

Since losing my sweet Holly my house has felt so empty.  Both Cinny and I have been lost. Cinny has gotten nonstop lovin and hugs, but I know she missed having another fur sibling.  Both Jimmy and I had talked about wanting to bring another boxer into the family.  I felt there was nothing better I could do to honor Holly, all the love and happiness she gave me, than to adopt a sweet boxer who needed a forever family. I had been checking out Northwest Boxer Rescue and filled out an adoption form.  I did not hear anything for over a week and then Kim called and told me about a special 2 year old boy needing a loving family.  We were excited but apprehensive as we headed over to meet this big boy.  And he is big!  75lbs or pure wiggle butt beaning boxer love.  Bruno is a beauty. His previous owners had clipped his ears, a practice I do not believe in nor would ever do, however it does make him look fierce and majestic. 

Bruno the brute immediately stole our hearts. He is one loving big boy. To give both our babies a chance to meet we headed over to the beach so they could run and play. 

Bruno makes our Cinny look miniature. He is massive!  

They had a great time at the beach. Back home has been a bit more of an adjustment.   But we have made sure that Bruno understands that Cinny is top dog. Bruno seems to love her, but she pretty much ignores him. They do enjoy engaging in boxer play together and we know that bonding will be a process.  Bruno is extremely intelligent, follows numerous commands, and is well behaved. He does, however, believe he is a lap dog and we are working on that.  What a love he is!  While my heart still aches when I think of my sweet Holly, I am so happy to have this new bundle of boxer love in my heart.  A house is just not a home without a bevy of beanie bottom boxers!!

I would recommend Northwest Boxer Rescue to anyone looking for a new love.  They are careful with the screening process and placements. The boxers are microchipped, spayed or neutered, up on shots, and health issues assessed.  They live in foster homes until placement so the adopter is aware of behavior issues and personality as well.  I learned about rescue from a dear friend in Ohio, Cathy, who is a foster mom for Ohio rescue.  NWBR just took in 25 more boxer loves in need of homes. They also are always in need of donations of time and money.  In fact there are rescue groups for pretty much every breed.  It is truly the best way to find a fur ever friend!!! Email: Phone: 509 607 4740 Fax: 509 464 6053

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