Doodling with my Doodlebug

Last week my eldest grandchild flew in to spend the summer with us.  It has been so much fun sharing all our favorite places and activities with her!  It has been so long since I had seen her (and too many of my other grands too….hear that Chrissy!!!).  I was so excited to share all my favorite places,with her!  

Since we were already in Portland we did some exploring.  We always park out and use the Max to ride into downtown. 

We stopped off in old town Portland to enjoy the myriad unique shops that it is known for. Here are a few we particularly loved. 

Red Monkey store front features a wrought iron door locked tight and you must ring the bell to be let in. Specializing in leather goods it is filled with unique t-shirts and other oddities!  Check them out at 

They even had a custom bike in the shop. The hubby liked that. 

Doodle loves antique and curiosity shops so we visited a few.  Porch Light was fun and filled with unique items made from old and outcast items. One of my favorites was old book covers spiral bound to blank pages for journals. For fun and frivolity Eden: A Garden of Opulent Curiosities. is filled with treasures to dress up yourself and your home.  

Totally fun!  One of the things I adore about Portland is the curiosities you see just walking down the street:

Doodle is like me when it comes to bargains.  Look at the awesome boots she found at Goodwill. She needs gear for the Harley!

We also found a great leather coat for peanuts!  Now she’s set to do some serious riding with her gramps.  

Next day was perfect to head to our favorite place….the Seaside!

Doodle and Bruno hit it right off!

Little Cinny has finally recovered from the loss of her sister.  She has bonded with Bruno and he has sparked a return to play and happiness in her.  I am so grateful.  But my heart still aches with emptiness….

Doodle loves the seaside as much as we do!  There will be many trips that way. Like me, she can’t stay out of the water!!


When Jimmy got some free time he transformed Bruno’s man crate. Now Bruno is also a Harley fan.  I think he did an amazing job!!

I have so many plans for Doodles visit.  She has made a perfect yard sale partner and we are serious yard sale addicts!  We go to conquer and do we ever!!  She has also been volunteering at work too, and like my Bella, the residents love her!!

Doodle makes these awesome stop motion movies. Amazing!  Here is the one she did for my Holly. Yeah it will have you crying. Still can’t watch it without sobbing!

Btw: she would love it if you would leave a comment!  

I adore summer as it means the kids and grands will all come visit!!  I just love sharing all my favorite places with them!!  Hear that girls?  Get over here!!!  



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