I have been blessed with a vivid imagination and am always on the lookout for magical mystical places. Imagine my delight when I was out hitting yard sales and discovered this!  A path disappearing into the woods!!  How magical is that!?

The path went down, down, down winding deep into the woods.  I felt like Alice in the rabbit hole.  There were paths branching off here and there and it was difficult to decide which one to follow.  

This is one place I will definitely be returning to often.  It is a great place to walk the dogs and there are so many yet unexplored paths.  I just love how Salem is full of unexpected surprises!  Oh and this is practically in the backyard of the Governor’s Mansion


Summer has hit us with a day of 100 degree temps.  That is certainly not my cuppa.  Thankfully it dropped right back into the low 80s.  However it is expected to rise again. I am not a fan of extreme temps either way. When the temp rises what better thing to do than head to the beach and 60 degrees!!

I seriously don’t think I will ever get enough of the ocean!!!  We expected crowds so left the dogs behind.  And then discovered empty beaches…go figure…  We walked miles and then just set staring at the waves while Doodle Bug climbed on the cliffs. What a perfect day!

Since starting to make these simple tea cosys, I am hooked.  It is such a great way to use up my bits and bobs of left over yarn.  I really love the look of hand dyed and variegated yarns in the skein or hank, but not in sweaters or clothing. This is one way I can have my variegated fix. 

Check out this hydrangeas in the background!  Love them and have vases and pots throughout the house as the backyard is full of them. I could never get them to grow in Walla Walla.

Every hearth needs a cricket.  This darling clock I nabbed at a yard sale for peanuts. It is from Austria and has the most beautiful chime on the hour. 

Oh yes the yard sales!  They are marvelous here.  Can’t even begin to list the treasures I’ve found.  I can go out with $20 and return with a carload.  Clothing (entire wardrobes for the grands), dishes (an entire set from Target for $2 just missing 2 bowls which I can replace), yarn, vintage Pyrex, vintage revere wear (I love my revere cook wear but not the newer stuff, the original is heavy and solid), knitting needles, toys and more toys, decor, amazing holiday decor….the list never ends. Of course I’m always grabbing things for the girls and grands….sometimes they think perhaps too much….  I just nabbed this for my eldest.  

The entire set of Franklin Mint James Herriot plates. Look at this detail!!

I love James Herriot and his stories of the trials and tribulations of a country vet.  And know what?!  I snagged this entire set for $10.  Can’t believe it!!  And that awesome tablecloth…yup yard sale for $1.  Gorgeous heavy lace from Europe. 

What did ya’ll do to celebrate Independence Day?  My hubs got stuck at work so Doodle and I did our own fireworks and then lit the fire pit and enjoyed the beautiful evening.


And now off to more yard sales.  Wanna join me?!


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