The Wonder of Wonders

Four years ago, my granddaughter began writing a novel.  When she forwarded the first five chapters to me I was amazed!  At ten years old her mastery of the language and use of descriptive phrases was far beyond her years. Her characters had depth and the story line was enticing. Four years later she surprised me when she announced the book was published!  What an accomplishment. At barely 14 she grabbed onto a dream and made it reality. You can preview her book at Amazon here:

Here is some of what she wrote at ten:

I just love it!  Please take a look at amazon and like her Facebook page. She would really appreciate it!

Yes this is the same Doodle Bug who came to stay with me this summer and did all the stop motion movie making. The girl is very creative.  You can view her movies here:

Yup this is one proud grandma!  But then I believe each and every one of my grandchildren are special and brilliant and I love them all dearly!

Here they all are minus the newest Sweet Pea Maddox born after this pic was taken.  I am one blessed grandma indeed!!

Happy Reading,


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