There is a Season

As the hubs and I have began exploring where we want to retire and looking for a beach home for just that purpose, my mind has been pondering the seasons of life that come and go.  I don’t know about you, but I have certainly had many seasons in my life journey.  Many of which have been extremes of one another; tumultuous and calm, sadness and bliss, loss and blessings; the list goes on.   

Right now I am in a season of labor.  Working the last years til the next season where I can begin enjoying the fruits of that labor.  I have been very blessed in that I was able to be a stay at home mom for years. I cherish those years!  I have never been one to crave a career, but when necessity struck, I did the best I could and it did not turn out so bad. The pay is great, but the demands greater.  And so I find myself plotting and planning for that next step.  That time when work may be optional, or not at all. 

Yet, I fear that if I am not careful I will wish away my days. Always counting down for the week end, the next month, the next season, or the next year. Only to find that life has slipped away in a blur while I was busy wishing it away.  Life does seem to speed up the older we get, or perhaps we are just more cognizant of the fragility of time.  Because I am so aware of this I strive to live mindfully.  I am still working on keeping work at work, a challenge in my chosen profession. The buck stops with me so those phone calls often interrupt on “days off.”  I have changed in that I set boundaries and limits. But oh to someday just walk away from it all!!! 

In talking about time and seasons, my fav season is almost here!  You can already feel it in the morning air! With summer slipping to an end the hubs and I are busy picking bushels of berries.  We love blackberries and what a treat to have them free for the picking. 

We all love our daily romps and are always finding new places to explore.  We love to take side paths and head off the paved trails.  The delight of finding a magical spot or a “rabbit hole” trail is priceless!!  This was another path that twisted and wound through the forest and was riddled with blackberry bushes.  Cinny is looking pretty happy here, but she was still recovering from the removal of two masses, one which got terribly infected. 

On the home front, I am loving my crafting time.  After knitting enough dishcloths to keep me covered, I started this:

 I love the colors of this yarn and it is super soft.  I have been wanting to knit another shawl (never thought I’d knit another shawl after all those prayer shawls I made!!!) and I purchased this pattern for my next project.  Far away, so close by Carina Spencer.  LOVE IT! Find it here: 

Aside from my knitting, the organization bug is still going strong. Here is what I made to organize my needles:

They all fit so nicely and it rolls right up for easy storage. I did this for my circulars:

A black binder with plastic sleeve inserts. Neat, tidy, and space saving.  Now to do something with my double points…..  I’m always looking for ways to organize my clutter.  

Still turning up the treasures at the yard sales!  The season is coming to an end and just about the time that I am getting burned out.  They are work you know….  Here are a few recent finds:

Bitty baby by Pleasant Company .50!  

Comforter set with throw pillows and shams $5!  Perfect shape…with boxers on the bed I need cheap replaceable bedding!

Darling hold everything purse $3.75!

Two antique quilt tops $6 for both

Assorted holiday items $5

Tons of darling tops for my eldest, coat for the youngest grand, few tops for me.

And that was just one weekend.  It is amazing how I can go out with $20 and return with a carload. And it is FUN!!!

With fall in the air I am returning to one of my favorite past times:

Zigsaw puzzles!  Since I was a wee tot I have loved to puzzle.  My table has always had a puzzle in progress fall, winter, and early spring.  One of our family traditions has always been a Christmas puzzle during the holidays. My girls all still carry on the puzzling tradition and my grands are quite the puzzlers too.  

Please don’t forget to check out my granddaughters book:

You can find it on Amazon here:

Her facebook page is here:

She would be thrilled if you liked her page. And if you read her book please leave a rating on amazon. It is pretty amazing for a 10 year old!  

And now I am off to do something with some of those yummy blackberries!  Jam making time!





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