Going Home

The hubs and I recently made a trip to my home town. It had been a year since I had made it back. Which is really crazy since it is only 4 hours away. But it is a world away as I always step back into my childhood as I enter the community.  While the world changes I can always count on Condon remaining the same, it is a constant in an unpredictable world!  I like that!

While there we spent our time on the farm with 4 of my favorite sweet peas!  We got to enjoy Halloween with them.  I think they had some darn clever costumes!!

Paul Revere and Marie Antoinette. Love it!

The town was all decked in Halloween wear as well. The Main Street trick or treat event had a huge turn out.  Love how the community all comes together to sponsor this event for the kids.

My favorite store! It is worth making a trip to Condon just to visit this store!

The community has been restoring all the store fronts in a campaign to beautify and wow does it look beautiful!!  I am just delighted that my grandchildren have the opportunity to grow up on a farm in my little home town!

And look at this loot!  Toys, goodies, home made treats.  Made me remember the Halloweens of my childhood and pillowcases full of goodies. We always knew just what houses had the best treats and who made the best popcorn balls!  Small towns; truly the backbone of our country!


Also stopped in to see my momma.

My brother and his son came over from their home in a neighboring community how nice was that!

It was great catching up with everyone and spending time with Chrissy and Bill. Also got to see Doodle Bug and hear her latest adventures.  

Located on the high desert plateau, Condon affords magnificent views of 5 mountains.  For as long as I can remember there has been a place marker on the highway towards Portland that identifies these 5 mountains that are visible: Jefferson, Hood, St Helens, Adams, and Rainier.  

All to soon we were home again and back to the usual routine.  Which always includes a trip to the beach!

It was cold so we had the beach to ourselves and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 

I have to admit I am a holiday junkie and am already listening to Christmas music. While everyone seems to grumble about decor in the stores I love seeing the bright displays.  I hate to shop but will spend hours just looking at holiday decor.  I can’t really choose a favorite holiday as I love Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, really just any excuse to decorate in a festive manner and celebrate!!  I think perhaps this love may have its origins in my Catholic upbringing.  Catholics celebrate a myriad of occasions and make the mundane sacred. I love that!!!  Also as a quilter, knitter, crafter I am always planning and creating for the next holiday months before it begins.  So yes I am that woman in aisle 27 in a hypnotic state with a smile on my face surrounded with holiday fare.  And yes my gifts are generally purchased and wrapped by December 1st. Although I do love a mad Last minute Christmas rush!  But I never do black Friday or shop on holidays.  Businesses should be shuttered up on holidays so families can be together!!  Well that’s my two cents anyway!!  

Next week I will share some of my holiday makings.

Until then Make Merry!




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