Sweet Peas

Where has this month gone?  It has been so busy and just flown right by!  We were blessed to have my eldest, Christina her hubby and 4 Sweet Peas for a long week end!!  Had the best time ever playing with the kids!  We took them to a great fun bouncing play land. I love this place and think they should have a day for adults!


It poured buckets of rain all but the last day so we kept to inside activities. But on the last day when the sun came out we headed out to our favorite park.

The kids loved this huge nest

Little Elizabeth had a hard time keeping up on that uneven terrain. The ruts were nearly as big as her!  

All my grands love thrifting as much as I do so one day we headed out to hit the shops. What fun we had!  The girls found some beautiful China dolls and Frank got a huge dump truck.  We also made Valentine baskets to fill with candy.  We just had the grandest time ever and did not waste a minute!!

Misha our newest furbaby is keeping us hopping. She is very smart and her big brother Bruno is a great teacher. She is pretty well potty trained. No accidents in the house for 3 days now.  She will go to the door. But she is a little devil and keeps her big brother busy!  

She looks so innocent but hides a little devil under that sweet look!  I was really unsure about getting a puppy as they are so much work. But she has stolen our hearts completely!  She gives her brother quite the time

I just cannot imagine my life without boxers!  I still miss my sweet Holly and Cinnamon desperately, but I love these two just as deeply. 

I had determined to drop FaceBook in January as I just lost interest. Then I got involved in the Northwest Boxer Rescue Adopters group and Becca added me to 2 knitting groups, one which is a knit along, and I just gave in to it. I love the NWBR group and seeing all the other boxer lovers who have rescues.  It is also so informative. I don’t think I could find a more loving and supportive group of people!  As for the knit along we are doing socks.  Here are mine so far.

And while on the subject of yarn. I got this haul the other day while thrifting. 

I’m curious to knit up a hat with the Mary Maxim Flowers. It creates a flower as you knit. Will be perfect for the grands. 

Also working on yet another shawl this time in a bulky Noro. 

It is nearly completed.  This was an earlier picture.  Not to sure of the color way, but it is very soft and warm. 

That is what I have been up to. But now must dash as off to the beach!!  

Beating the winter blues,



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