In a holding pattern….

Waiting on a house to close is always so frustrating. It feels as if you will never be handed those keys to your new home as one thing after another seems to pop up.  It is a very long 45 days.  We are deep in the middle of those 45 days and I am very impatient. I am already packed except the minor bits and bobs needed to cook and live day to day. I’ve organized as I’ve packed and gotten rid of the extras. Feels good to be all tidied up to move into a new home. 

I’ve taken to my painting passion with a vengeance. Each piece I complete teaches me something new. Here’s a look at my latest pieces:

I saw a table like this on Pinterest and had to have it. I found this maple oldie on Craigslist at a steal. I love the stained top and the black legs really create a great accent.  I had forgotten how icky it was to work with stripping products, however it was very simple to strip that old varnish and sand down to a nice finish.  I did two coats of dark walnut stain on the top.

I found this piece buried in dust and looking forlorn at an estate sale.  I fell instantly in love. It is filled with nooks to store bits and pieces and I could see so much potential under all that filth. I knew I wanted it black with a Pottery Barn finish.  I think I managed it. By adding simple hardware I kept it minimalistic yet striking. 

Not a great pic, these three pieces were cast offs at work. I did not get a before pic but trust me they were seriously beat up.  The large table was not complete at the pic, it is now antiqued to match the other pieces.  I may redo these as I’m not happy with the outcome.  You cannot see in the pic, but I applied a stain over the piece after painting and sanding and I think it diminished the beauty.  Debating on getting a nice ivory and then doing them over.  

This little treasure will have a pretty cushion and a seat of course and look smashing in my coral and navy bathroom. 

Most of my pieces have been free cast offs, the most I have spent on a piece was $25.  I find it so exciting to see the transformation.  But sadly I am seriously out of pieces. What shall I do?  Not yo worry too much, yard sale season is upon us and who knows what treasures await my paint brush!

It will be so fun to place each piece in our new home  I have in my mind pretty clearly where each piece will go, dang the entire house is decorated in my mind!  

After all that painting each evening I needed some relaxation. Knitting is relaxation to me. I love to put on a Brit series and knit away. I just finished watching a Canadian series called Bomb Girls. I really enjoyed it!  I am on the current season of Call the Midwife so needed something new. With all that TV time I completed my hitchhiker scarf. 


I liked knitting this. It is such a simple knit. The yarn does no photo well. It is beautiful and reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. So I call this my Pacific Northwest scarf.  All the deep rich colors of the PNW are at play in this scarf! 

Next I started on this project:

Wee Baby Blocks a blanket with 12 blocks all different patterns. The lighting does not show but it is a beautiful pebble grey. This is the softest squishiest yarn ever.  It will be wonderful to cuddle up with on the couch on cold winter nights.  This pattern is one of the most fun to knit. It is easy yet never boring with all the pattern changes. And it knits relatively quickly. My knit a holiday daughter finished hers in a week.  Here it is being blocked:

So beautiful! 

Grabbed dinner one night with my mom, sister, and nephew as they were down this way visiting.  I took my knitting along to show my mom.  She is a master knitter!  She fell in love with my bunny so I let her take her home.  How can you deny your 88 year old mother when she wants something?  Little missy bunny will get lots of love!  It was great seeing them all.  One huge advantage to a one story house is that my mom can now come and stay!  

My health continues to improve.  I’ve been dairy and grain free now for over 2 months.  My stomach issues have completely disappeared.  I recently began daily gym work outs again.  Seems I always let my health suffer in the daily crunch of busyness.  I just readjusted my daily work schedule and pencilled in a gym appointment daily!  Work is a constant crisis management.  It comes with working in an industry that supports and elderly vulnerable population.  If I don’t manage my schedule it manages me, and in a very cruel manner.  I did get some huge kudos at work which is always nice.  My community was chosen the test pilot for a new brand product the company is rolling out.  It is awesome and so exciting to be a part of this!  I am both flattered and humbled.  

This little baby Misha turned 6 months.  

She has stolen our hearts and is just a little spit fire.  She adores her big brother and copies everything he does. 

It’s wonderful how much they have bonded.  I just cannot imagine a house without a boxer or two!  I love those wrinkly squishy faces!

And so I wait for the call that this is the day to sign….hope it’s soon!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting,





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