Almost There!!!

Well this house business has been something else. Whatever could go wrong has! We think we got through all of it and now just need the closing date. Should be this week, but I certainly won’t hold my breath!  Almost 4 months since we began the process!  Never ever heard of such a thing.  But we are currently living it!!

We are cosy enough here tucked away in the assisted living community.  After this I know I could happily live in an ALF if the time ever comes, But as the Executive Director it’s has its challenges as I never really get a day off.  There have been pluses and minuses as in all things.  I’m very grateful that we have been able to stay here.  

The doggies are doing just fine with it. We are constantly walking them and they love that!  

We have been getting out on the bike a lot which has been fun!  Pretty much every week end. We did a poker run through numerous back roads and small towns. I love how this area is just dotted with small villages, mostly all so quaint and pretty.  I took my knitting along to knit at the stops. Also found a great knitting store and had to grab a skein just because!

The start of my Rivulet by Tin Can Knits.  Goes great with my Harley jacket don’t you think?

This darling shop, Brownsville Stitching Parlor, was full of goodies.  Jamie the proprietor was the sweetest! 

Not sure what I’ll knit out of it but I love the color!  

Next we did an evening run to the coast. It was so cold I was glad I had layered up!  Got home well after dark. But what fun!

I love my view from the back of the bike. I just want to figure out a way to knit and ride!  Jimmy traded off his old bike and boy am I glad as it was so uncomfortable!  This one is so comfy I can relax and sit back without being sore!  

We took a day and headed to Eugene for the Black Sheep Gathering. There we so many wonderful booths and ongoing demonstrations.  

I ended up only purchasing two skeins….I know with all that loveliness how could I limit it to two?!  

I loved the sparkle in this yarn!  Will cast on a shawl with the blue shortly. 

Next another bike outing. Over to the casino to a car show. Not my thing but any excuse to ride suits me just fine. It was hot as blazes, but kept cool on the bike.  Stopped in at a diner on the way home  unfortunately I did not bring my knitting!  No yarn at a car show but I did get a great shirt with a design by artist Carol Griggs.  And at a huge close out price!  I love her art and this was a steal!  This is my wonderful hubby on our bike.  He looks pretty bad ass!

Of course ever Friday morning is yard sale day!  Mia, my partner in crime, and I head out early and spend all morning.  What fun!  We especially love the estate sales. When I get the house set up I’ll share all the treasures I have accumulated.  Problem is that currently they are stacking up in my office as I have no where to put them. That office is looking a bit like a hoarder episode. But that won’t stop my bargain hunting…no way! 

Loving my current knitting project. Rivulet has been slow going as it is on smaller needles, but it is awesome.  I love the yarn and pattern. Only a few more rows to go! 

This is actually the wrong side but I like it best!  It will have fringe around it. I saw it made up at my LYS, Tangled Purls, and just had to make it. My LYS is great for inspiration and always has a trunk show or two going.  The yarn is Malebrigo.  Darn yarn color never photos well.  It is a forestry green with gradients of color   I just love it as it reminds me of all the forests surrounding us.  

My latest yarny purchase was a pair of 9″ circs to make socks.  I can’t wait to cast on a pair but have to find the right yarn first.  I tried them out at the store and just loved how much easier and less ackward than double points.  I’ve actually been getting way more knitting projects accomplished in the past 6 months than ever before.  Becca my super talented knitting whiz of a daughter keeps me challenged and inspired.  We started a FB page to keep us motivate, share projects, and do KALs.  Please join us! Flashing Yarnies with Blazing Needles Knitting Group.  Sorry I could not get the link to copy!  Drat!!  

And so here we sit waiting for “the” call so we can get settled and move on with our lives. As it always seems when challenges arise that life comes to a stand still. This is of course not true, yet it is hard to plan and move forward when feeling stuck.  There is so much we want to do in the house and yard. I had hoped for a garden this year, but that will wait til next year.  I had hoped to freeze, can, and put food by.  Perhaps I can still get in on lots of produce.  I did plan and request almost 2 weeks off to move as I want to enjoy setting up house again and pottering in my own place!  I need to remember that God is in control and this shall pass and we will once again be settled in our home. 

Practicing patience!


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