Home Sweet Home

After 4 months, much angst, almost 2 months residing in my assisted living community we closed on our home. At the end we had walked away, found a new lender and realtor and were actively seeking other properties but this house was meant for us as it turned out.  A rush trip up from Nevada by my son in law and some hard damn work on the hottest days ever and we had everything in. What a mess it was. I have never experienced such a difficult move. Not because of the actual move, my son in law is the best mover EVER!!  But because I was so emotionally exhausted and disconnected from the house. It was just a huge hodge podge of boxes and furniture and I didn’t think it would ever come together. I scheduled a week off work and slowly as I unpacked all my treasures and bits and bobs I began to fall in love.  It really is just the perfect size for the two of us and laid out just right. I’m still perfecting here and there and refining, but then that is forever a work in progress. So now join me for a tour…


I just love how sunny and bright the formal living room is.  The bay window is one of the things I first fell in love with when viewing the house.  Grabbed the rug at a yardsale new for $60. 

Gotta have a fireplace.  It is my go to place with a good book on those frosty winter evenings.  Notice the quilt.  Not a good picture, but it is a beauty made for me by my youngest.  Snagged that mirror at a yardsale for $15!!

I am so pleased with how well this hutch works in the new color and filled with milk glass.  I was sure all my milk glass would fit in such a large piece, but I was wrong.  Notice the little entry table.  It will be decorated seasonally and the chalk board above holds greetings and various quotes I change at whim.  

This hutch currently holds many of my heirloom pieces but will change as I find a perfect China hutch for the dining area.  I hope to be able to display my tea cup collection once again!

Another little painted piece I did.  Has a few pieces of milk glass but will evolve as I regroup items.  I love the way the early morning sun slants in here through the blinds.

Perfect small yet serviceable formal dining area.  A large hutch will eventually end up on the right wall.  The walls are not really pea green….

Another of my painted pieces fill with things dear to my heart.  The two little angels will go to my oldest for her collection.  Snagged them at a sale for $1 the pair.

My painted desk.  Love having a place to keep my important papers and office work.  This is my favorite piece of all those I painted.  My middle has dibs on this piece and I will be taking it to her.  I’ll just have to find another desk to paint…lol…as if that upsets me….  

The buffet I converted to hold the TV.  Works really well.  Yes I do have 2 large dog kennels in the family room.  They are my loves and so kennels are a necessary part of the decor.

Thie kitchen is small but absolutely perfect for cooking.  I love the gas stove….that was a deal breaker for me…I had to have a gas stove.

Sweet little breakfast nook.  The table I redid fit perfectly!!

Guest bath with all my fun Paris decor.

Of course my soaker tub.  The last two homes I had a garden tub, but this is much nicer.  Isn’t that quilt awesome?  It was one by my middle daughter.  I have numerous quilts throughout many made by my three daughters.


I missed a few rooms.  There is a guest room and a wonderful sewing room and the master is large enough to fit all our furniture (no small feat!!).  Notice all my painted pieces. They fit in just perfectly!  I will repaint a few of the ivory pieces I’m thinking and add some more of the duck egg blue in the living room.  I have had a library at my last 3 homes and lost a room downsizing to a 3 bedroom, but I love having my shelves of books mingled throughout the living areas.  Books are like old friends and create a cozy warm addition to any room.  The decor will be moved around as well.  I just wanted to get everything unpacked and out.  As I live with it things will evolve to where they belong.  I believe that decorating a home is a continual evolution and something I thoroughly enjoy! 

There is still so much we want to do.  The entire inside of the house needs repainting and the front yard needs major work.  We are busy planning and dreaming of projects we want to do and know it will take some time to get where we want it to be.  But for now we are in and unpacked for the most part and just enjoying having a place to call our own once again.  

Aside from moving…as if that wasn’t enough…I finished a few shawls.  Here are two blocking.  I don’t believe a knitted piece is complete until blocked.  I finally bought me some blocking tiles.  Snagged mine at Home Depot.  I previously used a towel to lay flat and roll up the piece.  I still do that with large pieces and have a blanket in progress with that method.  


I do wish my camera could capture the colors more accurately.  The deeper piece is my Rivulet.  The pattern is stunning and when complete I’ll get a better photo.  

Currently I’m working on the pebble beach shawlette.  I love this Madeline Tosh yarn, so soft and knits up beautifully!

Our lives are back into routine.  How lovely it is to cook again after nearly two months of living with only a microwave and crockpot.  Both hubby and I are creatures of habit and routine so that 4 month period was extremely difficult.  But we persevered and made light of it as those things that are beyond our control its best to just accept and carry on for in the end what will be will be.  As I sit curled up in my cozy home the angst of those months drifts away as peace again washes over me.  Now to focus on paying this home off in the next 5-6 years so I can walk away from the never ending drama and crisis that is called work……don’t want to get started on that……..

During this time I also spent some time in the hospital visiting my mom.  Damn ole CHF is taking its toll.  I live so far away so don’t see enough of my momma. But they do their doctoring in Portland so when she’s hospitalized its close.  Thank God my older sis lives there to oversee her, although that takes its toll on her too!  I spent one night and then back several days.  Nice to visit with momma and my sis and other family there visiting.  I deal with elderly and age related illness as a career, but when it is your own parent it is always different……  Prayers appreciated.

Now off to play, day off for hubby and me and the doggies are just wanting for a romp on the beach!



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Looks lovely and cozy Patricia. I wish you lots of love and happiness in your new home. xx much love, Janet

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