Summers end….

After such a long hot summer the sound of rain was a welcome relief.  I love the rain and miss it during the endless hot dry days of summer.  The sound of rain on the roof with that warm earthy smell wafting up from the ground is pure heaven. Dark overcast days fill me with happiness.  In my opinion rain brings a fresh envigorating energy to the earth. 

The hubby and I had planned on starting our yard redo next spring, but when I was driving to the grocers and saw the 50% off sign at my favorite nursery…..well plans changed!  I really don’t care to shop, but put me in a nursery and I have little self control.  I did limit it even when I made a second trip.  With the eminent arrival of plants, the hubby and I had a lot of work to get the front area ready!  Although we love our home it had absolutely no curb appeal….zero….zilch.  There was a weird fake makeshift water feature that used a hose for the fountain and was literally a pile of debris!  What a chore to move that rock and debris!  When I was ready to dig holes I discovered that there was perhaps 3 inches of soil then rocks.  Seriously….who builds up terraces and yards with rock????   Further below about a foot is bedrock.   Lucky for us our neighbor has the best gardener and we got his number. Yes he would help and he could be out in 30 minutes!!!  Seriously how stinking lucky was that.  So all I did at that time was place the pots where I wanted them. Then he came with pick axe and shovel and had every plant and tree to bed in no time.  A good gardener is certainly worth millions!  He also suggested better placement than I had originally thought best.  

I detest shrubs.  Those two have to go!

I hope to nurse these two back to health.  They only have a few sick looking blooms this year.  


As you can see there is so much yet to do.  A great deal of rock to be removed and a few more shrubs to be pulled out.  I am going for a cottage garden look and have since purchased numerous more perennials as I slowly fill in the front beds.  We put in 4 blueberries in the back. I want nothing in the back yard that is not eatable.  Our awesome new gardener will be removing all the dead spindly trees back there and putting in raised beds.  But that may be a project for next year.

 Aside from the yard work we managed to get in some blackberry picking.  What better way to spend the day then out with the dogs picking wild blackberries.  We only made it out twice this year so have no stock in the freezer or fresh made jam.  The berries were so small this late in the season.  But man were they 

I’m really loving this cool weather!!  That cool nip in the air gives me unending energy!

I had not been out for a bike ride for a good month or two so when the BGMC planned a ride I was on it!  It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather.  We rode to Alsea Falls a beautiful little water fall tucked away off a back road.  

They may look like bad ass bikers but are a bunch of solid guys!

Don’t we just look like the coolest Biker Chicks?  

What I love about being in the bike is the same thing I loved about cycling.  You really get to experience nature as all your senses are engaged.  The smells of the trees, plants, and earth are so pleasant as well as feeling the temperature changes, however slight.  This for me is the huge attraction to riding.  It makes me fully alive!

I am still piddling round the house and found a few treasures to share.  We let’s admit it I found a boat load of treasures at estates and yard sales but I’ll keep it to a minimum in the sharing.

Isn’t that just the cutest little rocker ever?  Perfect color too.  $15 for it, gotta brag about that.  

Had been wanting to add a shelf to the pantry and snagged this for $2 at an estate sale.

I am an addict indeed!  Landed a Rowenta iron, newer model for $5.  It’s that sorta bargain that just keeps me addicted.  That and I just love the hunt and I have the best ever partner in crime, my bestie Mia!  

With the cooler weather I have a new guilty pleasure.

Yeah don’t judge, I know it’s all chemicals and so unhealthy, but just let me enjoy for a bit.  I love the chai!  I add coconut milk and hot water. 

And now I must get back out at it….plant sales abound and I keep buying them so must get them into the ground! 

Happy Planting,


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