What a Whirlwind!!

What a whirlwind of a month we had here!  Visits, trips, sadness, joy, work, play….

Becca, Matt and sweetpeas came up for a visit.  We headed to the seaside for a long weekend and Erica joined with more sweet peas.  We did so much in those few day; visited the aquarium, built bonfires on the beach to make s’mores, fished, and played and played. The weather was perfect! I believe there are few ills that cannot be healed by a few days at the seashore.  


The following weekend Becca and I headed to Condon.  My mom, Christina, and four sweet peas were our reason for the trip.  We all gathered at my mom’s and knitted the days away while the grands played.

I always enjoy going out to the farm. There is always something new and this time was no disappointment.  Christina has a milk cow!  Wow is that the best milk ever!!  She even makes cheese!  Livestock, however, means chores.  Becca jumped in to help out with the chores while I took pictures….


Every farm needs a barn cat! 


Back home and Erica came back with more sweet peas.

I just love how the cousins are growing up so close to each other and are so connected!  I didn’t really know my cousins and I missed that important family extension and bond!  

Becca and I visited numerous yarn shops while she was here and we both made quite a haul.  I finished my Pebble Beach Shawl and we started a new KAL using Stephen West’s Clockwork pattern.  

I have a project for every skein so technically that’s not just stashing….

Pebble Beach waiting to be blocked.

I have watched my mom battle health problems as she has aged and that is so difficult.  Imagine my surprise when she informed me that an old beau was flying in to see her.  This is the man she almost married but their paths went separate ways and then she met my dad.  It’s heartwarming to see her acting like a school girl again.  I just know daddy would be happy that she is not so lonely.  Louis, however, is tied to the Midwest and his family and mom would never leave hers either.  But they are planning on his coming out quite regularly as her health problems keep her pretty grounded.  How sweet is it that after all these years…..

We are never too old to find love or for it to find us.  

All too soon everyone returned home and life resumed its routine.  It was time to decorate for Halloween.   

I even did a bit in my office.

Since Autumn is my favorite season it stands to reason that Halloween would be my favorite holiday!  I love the colors and the fun decor and well what’s not to love about a holiday that is all about treats!! 

On our next day off together, Jimmy and I headed out to explore the coastline north of us. 

We happened upon a light house.

We happened upon a pelican.

 And we ate at a sweet little pub with great food, aptly named Seaside Pub.


In all the good and happiness a deep sadness was intertwined.  Becca, Matt, and Erica were here for the funeral of Matt’s cousin, a precious child whose life was taken all too soon by a drunk driver.  There are no words for such tragedies!  It makes me stop and reflect how life can change in one quick moment and just what really are the most important priorities in my own life.  And it makes me furiously angry.  Drinking and driving is treated too passively in our society!  Drinking is treated as a rite of adulthood and an expected behaviour in our young.  All fine and good until you get behind the wheel.  This is one societal behaviour that will not change until we collectively demand an end to it!  I still believe that humanity is good and that evil can be overcome, it just takes a few good people to stand up and stand firm.  Stand firm, hug your loved ones, count your own blessings and be grateful!  And please pray for this family and others facing the greatest loss of all…the loss of a child…







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