Cottage Gardening and some rearranging…

When we bought our home the front was anything but appealing.  I knew I wanted a cottage garden but had expected to not get a start on it until next year.  But dang if I didn’t find awesome close out pricing on numerous of the exact plants I had in my plan. I think I have a pretty darn good start don’t you?  We almost didn’t go with that beautiful colorful tree.  I originally had in mind a weeping pea.  But I fell in love with that tree at the nursery and just had to bring it home!  

With the cooler weather comes my desire to accomplish much. When we moved in, the hubby was adamant that we have a bed in the sewing and guest rooms.  Well after trying to work in a small crowded space I decided the bed just had to go!  That led to some major reorganizing and cleaning. I love the end result!

I put my cutting table where the bed was and can access it from three sides. I love that!  I finished just in time to start some fun projects with this yard sale haul.

Isn’t that too fun?  Over 50 patterns, fabric, and bags and bags of wooden pieces and doodads for doll making!  I’m loving it!  At the same sale I just had to grab this.. 

And this..

He’s on the end of an old rake….isn’t that just too stinking cute?!

In knitting news, Stash had their 4th birthday bash complete with designers Debbie Stone and Shannon Squire and the talent behind Knitted Wit yarns, Lorajean Kelley.  Lorajean dyed a special yarn just for the occasion.  Of course I grabbed skeins for Becca and myself.  Becca said I won the good mom award for attending and getting her the yarn.  The pleasure was all mine!  



See proof that I did score those points.  If you are near Corvallis you must visit Stash!  Great yarns and helpful staff. 

As for my projects in progress, I’ve nearly completed my Clockwork but ran short of yarn with 5 rows to go…..grrrrrrrr…

I’m using a combination of Noro Taiyo sport and Araucania Huasco DK.  It will be long and lovely when complete. 

I did finally block my Pebble Beach and started Dangling Conversations in Dream.  Best picture I have also features my newest guilty pleasure.

Yum and yarn

I also played around a bit with rearranging my living room.  See I found this on Craigslist….

And had to make room for it.  It contains part of my teddy collection and looks so cute with this…

I usually like to paint pieces but that staircase is just too awesome as it is!  In the end after moving everything hither and fro well there was really no changes at all to the furniture arrangement…thinking I need to dump one of the love seats….

Gotta mention that I gave into temptation and bought this..

Had really been wanting a good quality camera and got this with two lenses, case, and other accessories for a steal on QVC.  Now I can do this..

And this…

I’m still learning to use it and know it will take practice and time.  But I LOVE it!!

And that is how my week is shaping up….how about yours?   

2 thoughts on “Cottage Gardening and some rearranging…

    1. He hates blow up beds and won’t have one. I just threw the extra mattress on top of the guest bed and figure I’ll drag it onto the floor for extra sleeping area…lol.. It works right?

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