Sewing Fun

The weather has finally turned and Autumn has arrived.  I love the misty fog that hangs low early in the mornings and the rain slicing through the air refreshing the earth after the heat of summer.  It is not yet cold enough to turn on heat, but brisk enough to pull on a sweater.  Autumn always energizes and restores me!  

Since organizing and clearing out my sewing room I have been sewing and crafting non stop!  My inspiration was all these goodies purchased at a yard sale:

Each night after work I have hurried home to engage in the enjoyment of creating.  This week my creations include these:

A bevy of scarecrows, snowmen, and Santas.  I have myriad more just waiting to be sewed and stuffed. I also finished a few quilts that were in my unfinished objects piles for ages.  This is definitely my favorite:

I also got around to blocking both of these knitting projects:

Pebble Beach Shawl in Madeline Tosh.  I love the raspberry hues and softness!

And my hitchhiker from a past KAL.  Also in Madeline Tosh.  

One of my favorite knits was by Tin Can Knits, Rivulet.  I made it up in Malebrigo.  It is so soft and squishy!!  While Becca was visiting she fell in love with it so I sent it home with her.  

I finished my Stephen West KAL, the Clockwork shawl.  It is currently blocking so will share a picture on the next blog.  

My current WIP is Dangling Conversations.  I’m loving how it is knitting up.

It has indeed been a busy week of creating!  

I live by my binders and love them!  I have a binders for budgeting, meal planning, recipes, blogging, gardening, all my assorted crafting, quilting, and knitting.  These all used to be in mismatched assorted binders. Then I happened to discover the array of decorative binders and wow look at this..

Just perfect.  For my budget and fitness I found black dots.  Still looking for just the perfect set for recipes and menus.  Yeah I’m a nut over my binders…..

While out and about I happened up yet more sale plants. I know what I will be doing tomorrow!

It is just amazing how much of my cottage garden and front area has been created from year end close outs!  

With working opposite schedules Jimmy and I just don’t get in the walks we used to.  But this morning the weather was perfect so off we headed…

Look how big that Baby is getting.  She’s hardly a puppy anymore!  

I will have some big news to share next week!  Not ready to let the cat out of the bag but it will mean some big changes!  Excited but since it’s not yet a complete done deal mumms the word.  

And I am also expecting visitors for the week!!  These Sweet Peas!  Can’t wait!!

Living it and loving it,


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