Spilling the Beans

Last week I promised to spill the beans about a big change that is coming my way.  After 5 months and 5 interviews I have been offered the position of Administrator to open up new Hospice and Home Health offices in Salem. The position has been opened for a year and they were just waiting for the right candidate….which was me….  What it will mean is a great deal of work building a business and establishing a reputation…..from the ground up.  But it really is what I do best.  While I  love my current company, my job has become pretty darn routine and easy.  Granted, in my field there are always challenges and drama, but my community is solid.  I’ve developed an excellent management team and overcome all the big obstacles and it remains consistently full with a waiting list. Yet, I would enjoy this new challenge.  I love developing teams and conquering challenges….and there would be plenty as Salem has numerous Home Health and Hospice companies already.  Still negotiating the fine details and must give 4 weeks notice at my current position.  Shall see what the end result brings…..  

Was so excited to have visitors this week!

Christina, Bill, and the sweet peas came for a way too short stay.  

Ellie had to have some testing done at OHSU.  Thankfully we got good news!  The first night I stayed up with my Toot as she had to be sleep deprived for the test….we both were the next day! 

Christina brought jugs of farm fresh milk!  Delicious!!  And they surprised me with three boxes of Milkglass!!!  Here are a few:

Just a small sampling of the numerous pieces!  How sweet is that?!  The visit was way too short!  Can’t wait till summer when I can have them for an entire week!!

Our rainy season finally hit and has it poured!

When we moved here we expected the rain and cooler weather.  So far we have seen too much heat and too little rain.  So I welcomed and embraced the rain when it finally arrived.  With all that rain I have kept busy inside with knitting and sewing.  Is there anything more cosy than curling up on the couch with a cuppa, Brit TV, and knitting while the rain is lashing at the windows and keeping rhythm on the roof? I think not!!

Finally blocked my Clockwork

It is so warm and will be perfect to wrap up in at the office on cold winter days.  I have decided that I need to just get several plain sweaters so that I can wear all my shawls.  I love to knit them but never wear them.  

I finished Dangling Conversations and LOVE it!  It is blocking so pics next week.  And I cast on another Rivulet in this gorgeous yarn:

Maxima by Manos Del Uruguay 100% Marino wool in color way Chrysanthemum.  It is so soft and squishy and the colors are yummy!!!

My LYS, Tangled Purls, had a fun little Halloween event and were gifting these adorable kits with a purchase.

 How stinking cute is that?  While there I found this:

This colorway was just to die for, reminds me of hollyhocks.  Not sure what I’ll make yet, but it will be simple pattern to highlight the yarn.  This yarn has some cashmere in it so is unbelievably soft! 

And this:

Couldn’t resist this Christmasy Red.  I’m thinking Zuzu’s Petals.

And this:

I love the little hat kits and am on the list for the monkey that was sold out.  With two skeins you can make slippers!!  Too adorable!!!

Also still busy in my sewing room.  I finished these:

Yes he is so cutesy, but my mom will love him!  This is a Santa that my mom and I cut out way way back when I has my quilt shop.  It has just sat in my closet since then.  It will make a perfect little Christmas surprise for her!!

And I’m working on these:

I have had such joy playing in my sewing room once again.  It has been a long time since I have spent so much time just playing with crafty projects.  I do have a few quilts going but I’m totally caught up in the sweet seasonal items.  And to add to it all I decided I just had to start cross stitching again.  I had given away all my supplies but Christina brought a ton back to me so I’m set to go.  It is just so relaxing after a long day at work to curl up with Brit TV and do needlework.  

And that brings me back to the job offer.  I’m gearing up for long days and some serious hard work again.  Plus initially there will be a commute.  Serious changes…..

Enjoying my current workload while it lasts,




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