Never ending rain!

We have had the rainy season hit us and hard!  Day after day of torrential rains pounding down upon us.  I love the rain so don’t mind; but this rain has created havoc with flooding and numerous road closures.  

In spite of flood warnings and weather alerts hubby and I took off to Tillamook last Monday to help out a dear friend. Sweet Roberta had run out of propane so we knew we had to brace the elements to refill that tank. God blessed us and we made it through and back just before the roads washed out and 101 was closed!

Could anyone refuse helping this sweet heart?  Roberta we love you!

Look at that raging water.  This is usually a small trickle of a creek.

That is a full sized tree washing down stream!

This was taken out my window as we drove through high water washing across the road.  

The water look like chocolate, angry and churning as it surged toward the sea.  We were grateful to make it home safely, but even more content knowing Roberta was tuck away safe and warm in her cozy little home.  

Back at home I have kept busy knitting away.  I discovered the Hallmark channel and oodles of wonderful Christmas movies!  I have recorded my favorites and am greatly enjoying quiet evenings with my knitting and feel good sweet Christmas movies!  Heaven indeed!!  My knitting has improved greatly as I have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a few new techniques.  I have fallen in love with fair isle and quickly completed the skull cap for hubby.  This really was a super quick knit!

Just for fun I knitted up this cute mini stocking.

This is a free pattern on littlecottonrabbits blog.  Makes up real quick and so cute.  She also has numerous other free patterns on her blog.  I fell in love with her little rabbits back last year when Becca and I did a KAL and made these:


I also just had to knit up another of these cute caps:

This is the third one I’ve made of these; a unicorn, monkey, and now the giraffe.  I love these and can work one up in a few hours!  Aren’t they just too stinking cute?!  

Becca called and was stressing out about completing a stocking before Christmas so I took the plunge and said I’d knit it.  There is a precious family history behind these stockings.  My mom has made them for all the grandkids, kids, spouses, and even friends but her eyesight and dexterity has become so compromised she has stopped knitting them.  They have been a Christmas tradition since her first grandchild over 40 years ago.  I have never felt comfortable trying to knit one due to the design.  But after the skull hat I thought why not….  So I chose one of the simplest designs and cast on.  It has been emotional to me knitting on this.  My mom has always had a stocking on her needles for as long as I can remember.  Knitting one forces me to face mortality and that my mom is no longer able to do the things she once enjoyed so dearly.  Sigh……my mom is closing in on 90…..

Isn’t he just too cute though.  This is only two evenings of knitting!  And my first dip into intarsia.  I’m in love with fair isle and intarsia!  All the wonderful exciting possibilities!  

At work we had a fun little bazaar.  One of my precious residents had the sweetest little bits for sale.  I just had to have these:

Yeah yeah it says 2013 as that is when she made it, but heck regardless of the date that is one precious little dolly!!

All just too stinking cute to pass up!  

About work….remember that job offer I got?  Well God had different plans for me.  I did accept the offer after a week of waffling back and forth and negotiating numerous non negotiables to my accepting the position.  After 5 months, 6 interviews, and a job offer they decided not to open the office in Salem after all.  Isn’t it just amazing how God will often step in and redirect our paths when we think we know what’s best?  See I need challenges to keep engaged and content at work and well the well was dry.  I felt like I was no longer making a direct impact on my residents and negativity had set in.  Enter a new RDO and my past RDO collaborating to offer me additional challenges!  Soooooo first I am working toward winning a national award, second I am one of 10 communities in Oregon participating in a two year research project to improve geriatric medication practices, and third I will be rolling out a music therapy program (I had already been the pilot community to roll out cognitive stimulation programs).  Two huge challenges and a great perk for my residents!  I’ve not felt this passion and excitement about work for years!  I am so grateful and feel so blessed to work for such a supportive and awesome company!!!  Yes God is good indeed!!  

As I was placing more decor about the house I photoed a few special pieces:

Becca painted these for me years ago.  When the girls were quite young we did a lot of ceramics.  You saw a piece from Christina in last weeks blog.  Erica painted an entire Christmas village which she puts up yearly.  It is awesome!  I just love handmade items and cherish these.

Every year my dear friend Louella sends me a handmade ornament.  These are from last year and some of my favorite ornaments!!!

I just love them!!!  Oh and must admit I just never got around to getting a tree.  But I just love my two little vintage feather trees and they seem to just fit perfectly this year!

And that has been my week!  I hope yours has been as happy and fulfilling!

Take Joy!



One thought on “Never ending rain!

  1. Me too on the Fair isle and tarsnneezeia, I knit argyle socks in College and got used to 5 needles and bobbins but didn’t know it had a real name. I knit a baby sweater last year and the stripes just appeared in the design as I knit. Who knew? Knit on sister 🙂

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