Happy Season

Christmas has passed and I feel as if I can let out a sigh!  As much as I love the season…and I do…..it is always so busy between work and home that I often feel as if I am running a race.  Although this year I was so far ahead in my gift buying it helped considerably!  I am currently already planning next years gifts.  The other day I was chatting with the girls about gifts and realized just to cover birthdays and Christmas for Jimmy and my children, their spouses, and the grandchildren we have 50 gifts to purchase or make!!! That’s an average of 4 per month!  Wow no wonder I stress about gifts!  It just takes planning and year round purchasing.  

One of my favorite Holiday season pleasures is curling up with my knitting and a feel good Hallmark channel Christmas movie.  This year I think I watched 20 of them!  I set my recorder so I could skip the ads.  So many sweet feel good moments with needle clicking away!  And some sweet liquidy goodness:

Love this brew!  Chocolate, coffee, stout a winner three ways!  I was never much of one for beer, but stout and ales…yumm!

Liquid candy canes!  Yummy!!

I don’t like to knit on a deadline but I did get this completed and in the mail.

It turned out huge.  If I ever knit another of these stockings I would use DK weight and a good quality wool like Quince and Co…my current go to for wool.  I sent this priority express as it was on such a deadline and wouldn’t you know but it didn’t arrive at the guaranteed time.  It did arrive on the 24th but I paid for the 23rd delivery.  I’ll be getting that refund.  I’m just glad it made it in time!  

I have really been loving fair isle and knitted up this cute fun little cap.

I was able to use up some stash.  I think it is pretty darn cute.  Had to make that huge Pom Pom to give the perfect finish.  It was a really quick knit.  Pattern is on ravelry bunny cap and the yarn was some Lion wool I had in my stash.  

After so many caps I was ready for another shawl.  I found these beauties on sale at Apples to Oranges http://applestooranges.net/


And just had to cast on this with the Mad Tosh:

Love love love Stitched in Sweden podcast!  Thanks to Becca I am now a podcast nut.  My current favorites are Little Bobbin Knits (I adore Dani) Yarngasm, and Stitched in Sweden.  Just so fun and informative!  

You can’t see in this picture but I have Hiya Hiya sharps!!!  A Christmas gift from the hubby!!!!  I LOVE them!!  Speaking of gifts, I got so many lovely things!  Check out this knitted cap:

Becca knit the hubby and I coordinating caps.  Way funny and cute!  Just one of the wonderful gifts I received.  It was all lovely!  

The hubby worked the 24 and 25 swing so I spent time at work spreading Christmas cheer.  Today was our Christmas and we drove into Portland to explore a bit.  I stopped in at Twisted http://shop.twistedyarnshop.com/ as I needed some more Quince and Co Lark to make hubby another skull cap.  I love Twisted….

My sweet patient hubby.  He’s sporting the beanie that Becca knit for him.  Yeah rather offensive…..he loves it! 

While there I found this

It is a Rose and Lily hat kit!  Made in honor Rose’s birth of baby Lily at the Portland Zoo.  Way too stinking cute!!!

I admit I haven’t been in my sewing room but to clean up the messes from Christmas sewing and gift wrapping.  Well I did put away all the Christmas patterns and pulled out my bunny patterns.  Also some fun Valentine fabrics and trim

What to do, what to do????  

I did add a new bear to my collection…

Such a cutie and made by one of my sweet residents!  I love her!

And another adorable ornament…

Have you ever seen anything so precious?!  A boxer in a tea cup!!!  This was from my dear friend Louella!  I’m thinking this will stay out year round!  

Well this certainly turned into a blog about knitting.  With all the rain it has been inside time and that means knitting and crafting. I’m not complaining…..

Tomorrow I will begin to take down the Christmas decor.  As much as I love the holidays it’s always nice to put the seasonal decor away and all my special bits back on display.  And I will begin to prepare for a new year..2016!

Until next time wishing you peace and joy!



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